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How to Construct a Speed Boat

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Combine the joy and excitement of mechanical toys with your science project by constructing an air propelled motor boat. This is also a good way of learning about simple electric circuits. Your boat will have a battery, a switch and a motor with propeller. This can be used as a science project related to electricity, force or floatation. This idea is good for a display project, an engineering project and an experimental (investigatory) project.

The main structure is made of Styrofoam board that is available at hardware stores and home improvement stores.

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How to Construct a Speed Boat
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Materials used in this project are: Simple Switch, Electric Motor, Battery Holder, Propeller, wire, Styrofoam cup, Popsicle stick Procedure: Start by cutting the foam. You can cut the Styrofoam easily with utility knives. Just practice for a few minutes and you will get the grip on it. Hold the knife in a sharp angle and don’t push too much.

You may need to go over the same line a few times until you get a clean cut.

Styrofoam boards can be glued using white glue or wood glue. They can also be painted using any latex paint or water based paint. The boat that you see in the picture has a rudder we made a rudder to support the direction of the speed boat that we have made. We’ve used a Popsicle stick to have a rudder in our speed boat. But you may try different possible methods to construct a rudder in your boat.

We also put some Styrofoam cup at the back of our boat with the propeller that we have so that the wind will have more force and we put some acetate to make the Styrofoam still. * Feel free on making your own design. Just reserve a place where you can place the electric motor and secure it with tape. Battery is a heavy piece; it must be centered in order for your boat to have a balance on water. Adjustments may be made by placing other heavy objects onboard.

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