Spousal Abuse Social Studies Sbas and Term Papers Sample

Enfield is a community in the Four Paths country. It is located in the parish of St Mary. Jamaica. It is about 4 kilometer. It consists of about 160 families. I have been a occupant of Enfield. Junior Pen for the past three old ages and 10 months. During this clip. I have observed a figure of adult females being violated in the country. Foremost among them is that they are being abused by their spouses on a day-to-day footing. There is no particular clip when these adult females are beaten. There is besides the growing of adult females holding to be hospitalized because of how severely they were beaten by their spouses.

I have hence decided to carry on a study to make an probe with respects to domestic force against adult females in Enfield. Junior Pen.

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Statement of the Problem1. What are the factors lending to domestic force against adult females in my community and what can be done to work out this job? Research inquiries:Domestic Violence on Women is a calculated form of maltreatment used by one spouse in an confidant relationship to obtain and keep power and control over the individual.

1. What are some of the causes lending to domestic force on adult females in the community? 2. What is the degree of domestic force on adult females in the community? 3. How does this societal issue affect kids from such relationships? 4. What are some of the solutions that can be put in topographic point to forestall such societal issue?

Reasonsfor Choosing the Area of Research

The grounds for taking this subject are to obtain farther penetration into the job that affects the community. what major impact it has on the individuals populating in the community and steps that can be put in topographic point to forestall domestic violenceagainst adult females. It crosses all racial. societal and economical. cultural and spiritual barriers. This societal issue if non addressed with urgency will “cripple” society.

Method of Investigation

To roll up accurate information on the subject. Domestic Violence on Women. I decided to utilize of a questionnaire. The ground for taking this method is because questionnaire as a tool for informations collection is popular method of probe and has a figure of advantages: 1. It requires small clip to be completed.

2. It can be done at the convenience of the individual required to hold it completed. 3. It guarantees confidentiality since respondents are non required to attach their names

4. It besides helps one to truly cognize how others view the different facets of life.

Instrument Used to Roll upDatas

The instrument used to roll up informations was a Questionnaire. The Questionnaire has fifteen ( 15 ) inquiries which help to determine the causes. effects and the solutions to the job of Domestic Violence against Women.

Letter of CorrespondenceSurvey of Domestic Violence against Women in Junior Pen.

Junior Pen.Enfield P. O. .Saint MaryNovember 30. 2012Beloved Residents.

This is a study being carried out in Junior Pen to find the causes and effects of domestic force against adult females in the community. This survey is being conducted as an assignment for a Social Studies School Based Assessment ( SBA ) I am at present prosecuting. You are advised to reply the undermentioned inquiries candidly and truthfully. Since you do non hold to compose your names anyplace. no 1 will of all time cognize who answered in a peculiar manner. Remember this is non a trial. There are no right or incorrect replies. All of the inquiries can be answered by a tick in a box like this [ ] . Thanking you.

Yours unfeignedly. C. Hurst


Domestic Violence can be defined as ‘any maltreatment between intimate spouses ( both yesteryear and nowadays ) . including physical. sexual. emotional. verbal and fiscal. Anyone can be a victim. and the maltreatment can impact every member of the household. Have you or anyone you know or love suffered maltreatment in any of the signifiers mentioned in the above definition? If so I would be thankful if you would save a few minutes to reply these inquiries. This will enable me to derive clear position of the extent of Domestic Violence against adult females.

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