5 Force Old Town White Coffees and Term Papers Essay

With the rapid development of modern industry and transportation, all of the soot and automobile exhaust and others emissions had already go beyond the boundaries of self-purification of the atmosphere. After that, air pollution is the serious problem that will occur. In addition, we need to breathe air to sustain our life because clean atmosphere is a necessary condition for the survival of mankind depends on. Therefore, the contaminated air has a direct impact on human health.

Of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere enters our body through the respiratory tract and enter our body through the digestive tract or skin.

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5 Force Old Town White Coffees and Term Papers
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Atmospheric pollutants on the health hazards are many, mainly in respiratory diseases and physiological dysfunction, as well as the eyes, nose and other mucosal tissues are stimulated and illness. The atmosphere chemical contaminants cause acute poisoning and chronic poisoning.

Sometimes, factory had leaked and outflow a large amounts of harmful gas as photochemical smog in the production process. For example: carbon monoxide will make us feel headache and fatigue and it also will cause severe hypoxia symptoms that gas poisoning.

All of the harmful chemicals has already inhaled by us would lead us coughing, sneezing and breathing difficulties. This situation also will weaken the resistance of the respiratory tract, and cause respiratory diseases, for example: pulmonary edema.

Beside that, acting on the body due to the pollutants for a long time, damage the genetic material in the body and cause reproductive cells mutated and cause great harm to the offspring. Reason of say like this is because when we still a child in a growth stage, will have very high sensitivity of hazardous substances in the environment and high level of victimization. Finally, we must understand one thing as a human, air pollution will lead to a decline in human life.

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