Sri Ganganagar: A Northernmost Metropolis in Rajasthan

Sri Ganganagar is a northern most metropolis of Rajasthan State of western India. Sri Ganganagar is situated at the point where the Satluj Waters enters Rajasthan. The foundation rock of the Gang Canal Head Works at Ferozepur was laid on 5 December 1925 and the work completed in 1927 by building 89 stat mis of lined canal. The gap ceremonial was performed on 26 October 1927. Sri Ganganagar is one of the well planned metropoliss of India. It is said to be influenced by the town planning of Paris. It is divided into residential blocks and commercial country which includes Dhan Mandi.

Residential Blocks have big Parkss for each Blocks and Community centres and topographic points of worship are at junctions of three or four blocks. Bagri and Punjabi linguistic communications are spoken by bulk of population. Econonmy of Sri Ganganagar District is dependent on agribusiness.

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The metropolis has Cotton Ginning and Pressing mills. Mustard Oil Millss and Sugar Mills Ltd. It besides has spinning and fabric Factories. Because of its prosperity from agribusiness. Sri Ganganagar District besides has a big figure of cars and it becomes one of the largest car markets in India. The clime of Sri Ganganagar varies to extreme bounds. The Summer Temperature reaches up to 50° Celsius and Winter Temperature dips merely about 0° Celsius. The mean one-year rainfall is merely 20cms. Ganganagar territory known as “the nutrient basket of Rajasthan” .

EconomyDesert land was converted to a green town by the attempts of Maharaja Ganga Singh. who brought the Gang canal. which carries the extra Waterss of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the part. doing Ganganagar territory known as “the nutrient basket of Rajasthan” .

The economic system of the metropolis is based on agribusiness. its chief harvests are wheat. mustard and cotton. Other harvests are guar. bajra. sugar cane and gms. In recent old ages. husbandmans are besides deviating towards gardening. Kinnow ( a citrous fruit household fruit or a intercrossed citrous fruit fruit from “orange” ) is a popular horticultural merchandise ; other fruits of the citrous fruit household are besides grown. The bulk of agricultural land is owned by Punjabis giving them political and social purchase over other communities in this country.

Industries in Sri Ganganagar District are based on agribusiness. Major industries are cotton ginning and pressing mills. mustard oil Millss.wheat flour Millss. Rajasthan State Ganganagar Sugar Mills. which is known for its Royal Heritage Liqueurs.  20 top renowned industries are Vikas WSP ( P ) Limited. T. C. Fresh Kinnow Waxing. Kanda Edible Oil Unit. Ruchi Soya Indusjtries etc. It besides has cotton spinning and fabric mills such as JCT Mills ( now closed ) . Most of the mills are located in and around Sriganganagar City. Mr. B D Aggarwal. The proprietor of VIKAS WSP LIMITED donated Rs 100 Cr for Medical College in Sri Ganganagar. It is the highest act of philanthrophy made by any Rajasthani for societal cause. Education

The chief linguistic communications in the country are Bagri a idiom of Rajasthani. Punjabi and Hindi every bit good. Majority of people in the territory speaks Bagri. Punjabi. Hindi and English are official linguistic communications.  The Punjabi linguistic communication. as an optional topic. is taught in schools and colleges of the metropolis. Punjabi music is really popular in the Sri Ganganagar. The impact of the Saraiki idiom can be observed in Arora. Raisikhs and Saraiki Muslim communities. Now this idiom. Saraiki is losing land in the northern portion of the territory. Bagri is spoken merely in Ganganagar and Hanumangarh territories and in some tehsils of neighboring Punjab and Haryana.

A figure of authors of the territory have made parts to Rajasthani literature. through Bagri. CulturePunjabi and Bagri civilizations dominate the territory.The embroidered Odhni ( largely red in coloring material ) is a symbol of Bagri adult females. A long shirt and ghaghro ( long frock type apparels ) and borlo ( a caput decoration ) is the traditional frock of Bagri adult females. Punjabi adult females wear a suit and shalwar with chunni ( fabric on caput ) . This garb has besides become popular with adult females of other communities.

Some adult females of the Hindu and Muslim Seraiki people still wear ghaggra ( long frock ) . The Purdah ( or head covering ) is chiefly in trend among Bagri adult females. Work force chiefly wear a pant-shirt. kurta-payjama and dhoti ( Punjabis name it the chadara-kurta ) . § Traditional Sikh and Rajasthani devotional music is popular. Bollywood vocals are listened to with same enthusiasm as in other northern Indian parts. Religion

Although we boast of development in all Fieldss and province that we belong to a modern society. I fail to understand how we measure development and what precisely we mean by “modern” . One of the many illustrations that come to my head at this point of clip is the intervention given by today’s coevals to their seniors. Can we claim to be modern when we despise. discourtesy and ill-treat our parents and grandparents? Are our parents and grand-parents non responsible for what we are today? If they sacrificed their clip. energy and money for our wellbeing. is it right for us to abandon them in the eventide of their lives? Can such a cruel act be considered “modern” ?

If despisal. disrespecting and ill-treating our seniors is portion of modern civilization. I regret to province that the alleged modern society is destined to be doomed. Let us look at the Goan household in the yesteryear. When I say past. I look at the period merely prior to the seventiess. Elders were respected in their households. They were the pillars steering each and every household member.

The “joint household system” was outstanding. peculiarly among the Hindu households. The full household used to populate. cook and eat and pray together. Due to the presence of the seniors. subject was the anchor of household life. Members shared their plants and income excessively. Each member was given due regard and honor as per his/her part towards the wellbeing of the household. There prevailed an ambiance of cooperation. sharing. love and forfeit in the household. It strengthened the household value system. Hence there were practically no or really few incidents of offense such as larcenies. assaults. colzas. slayings. etc.

Everyone lived a contended and peaceable life. first and first because there was complete security to human life. However. in this alleged modern society. everything has reversed. The actions of the younger coevals towards the household seniors are proof to this: We show hate to our seniors by naming them names. We do non waver to show this hatred towards our seniors in the presence of our kids. We forget to recognize that abuses by words are more hurtful than physical assaults. We deny the seniors of some of simple but of import demands.

They may experience the demand of a coffin nail or two during the twenty-four hours and a sip of a drink in the eventide. We do non carry through these simple demands. which at times may hold an inauspicious consequence on them. When we treat our seniors disrespectfully. there is bound to be a black impact on their emotions. which has many a clip compelled them to even perpetrate self-destruction. What a quandary! The individuals who sacrificed to lighten up our lives are in their old age compelled by us to stop their lives.

Our seniors. literates every bit good as nonreaders. are a rich beginning of cognition to the full backed by huge experience. We could profit from them. but unluckily we dub them as “old fashioned” and out justly reject their positions and sentiment. By acting in such a mode we crush our elders’ emotions. feelings and sentiments and destruct their regard. honor and self-respect. We murder them mentally and emotionally. What a wages for their providing us everything for our ain mental and emotional growing.

The seniors populating in our households today were kids and young person one time upon a clip. They grew up with love. fiscal aid and counsel from their parents. received the needed instruction. started working and gaining. got married. became parents and grand-parents. and should now be basking the dusk of their lives. They deserve to bask it. Unfortunately there are many parents and grand-parents who are subjected to humiliation and hatred in their old age. Ads by Google Book flat in GurgaonChoose from flats located in best sectors in Gurgaon by Unitech! unitechgroup. com/gurgaon-apartments

The present “modern” coevals must recognize that they excessively will go parents and grand-parents some twenty-four hours. Will it non be godly justness if their boies. girls and daughters-in-law dainty them the manner they have treated their seniors? This tendency must stop. We must acknowledge the value of the hoarded wealth of experience our seniors possess. We must seek to do positive usage of that huge experience that can decidedly give a proper way to the hereafter of our young person. Unfortunately in today’s times we transfer that wealth of experience to “homes for the aged” . small recognizing that we have displaced from our places valuable ” function models” for our kids to be better worlds.

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