Stalin And The Ussr Research Paper Essay

Stalin And The Ussr Essay, Research Paper

Stalin, Joseph Vissarionovich

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Stalin And The Ussr Research Paper
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1879-1953, Russian revolutionist, caput of the USSR

( 1924-53 ) . A Georgian shoemaker & # 8217 ; s boy named

Dzhugashvili, he joined the Social-Democratic party

while a seminarian and shortly became a professional

radical. In the 1903 party split ( see BOLSHEVISM

AND MENSHEVISM ) he sided with LENIN. Stalin

attended party Congresss abroad and worked in the

Georgian party imperativeness. In 1912 he went to St. Petersburg,

where he was elected to the party & # 8217 ; s cardinal commission.

About this clip he took the name Stalin ( adult male of steel ) .

His 6th apprehension ( 1913 ) led to four old ages of Siberian expatriate.

After the RUSSIAN REVOLUTION of March 1917, he

joined the column board of the party paper Pravda.

When the Bolsheviks took power ( Nov. 1917 ) he became

people & # 8217 ; s commissar of nationalities. He besides played an

of import administrative function in the civil war ( 1918-20 ) . In

1922 Stalin was made general secretary of the party.

Lenin, before he died in 1924, wrote a testament pressing

Stalin & # 8217 ; s remotion from the station because of his arbitrary

behavior ; but in the battle to win Lenin, Stalin

was winning. By 1927 he had discarded his erstwhile

Alliess BUKHARIN, KAMENEV, and ZINOVIEV ; in 1929

TROTSKY, his major challenger for the sequence, was exiled

from the USSR. Forcible agricultural collectivisation and

breakneck industrialisation beg

an in 1928. The province,

alternatively of shriveling off, as Marx had foreseen, was

glorified. Patriotism was revived as socialism in one

state. The armed forces was reorganized along czarist lines.

Conservatism permeated official policy on art,

instruction, and the household. Political repression and panic

reached a tallness in the 1930s. In a public test Bukharin,

Kamenev, Zinoviev, and others were charged with

cabaling to subvert the government ; they confessed and

were executed. Enormous Numberss of ordinary citizens

besides fell victim. Stalin & # 8217 ; s foreign policy in the 1930s

focused on attempts to organize confederations with Britain and

France against NAZI Germany ; the 1939 Russo-German

nonaggression treaty marked the failure of these attempts.

In 1941 Stalin took over the premiership from

MOLOTOV. The German invasion ( June 22 ) found him

unprepared ; at war & # 8217 ; s terminal ( 1945 ) 20 million Russians were


At the TEHERAN CONFERENCE and the Yalta

CONFERENCE Stalin gained Western acknowledgment of a

Soviet domain of influence in Eastern Europe. The

paranoia of his last old ages led to a period of panic

reminiscent of the 1930s. On his decease ( 1953 ) his organic structure

was placed following to Lenin & # 8217 ; s. In 1956, at the 20th Party

Congress, KHRUSHCHEV denounced Stalin & # 8217 ; s dictatorship,

but de-Stalinization has ne’er been thoroughgoing




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