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MY Star WARS: Episode 1REVIEW

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As I sat in the immense theatre expecting the film that I had been expecting so long to

see, seen so many dawdlers before merely about every other film released this twelvemonth. The

prevues before this film seemed 10 times more deadening than they normally were, so like

a deafening cloud on the skyline the gap coil began to wing up screen and the

traditional Star Wars subject began to play, my head was rushing a stat mi a minuet expecting


the action and particular affects that I saw on the prevues, and besides being a immense Star Wars

fan anyhow, I was even more eager to hear what a fantastic narrative line George Lucas had

come up with this clip, little did I know that in comparing to the original Star Wars

trilogy this film was genuinely bantha fresh fish.

the biggest defect in this film in my eyes are

1 ) the fast pase in enchantress it flows doesn & # 8217 ; t debase for people seeing this and holding it


there first Star wars experience to catch most of the wit and of import background

information. The opening scene with Obi-wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jin speaking in the

Federation Space Ships meeting room is a perfect illustration of that. Obi-Wan make a

comment about & # 8220 ; holding a bad feeling & # 8221 ; and if you have ne’er seen a Star Wars film before

this is nil but a clump of cheep moving to make a sense of fright and uncertainness that

you already cognize you were traveling to hold pushed on you in a few minutes when the two

heroes are gassed and shot at by conflict droids. This point is besides clear in the pick of Ian

Macdermid as Senator Palpatine, and besides as the sinister Darth Sidious. IF you have

ne’er seen the Emperor from Return of the Jedi have oning his long black cloaks and speaking

in about perfect English how could you patch together the hints left behind traping the


acters together?

2 ) Most of the major action and monolithic particular effects were already viewed in ]

either the film dawdlers viewed in theatres everyplace or on the prevues seen on Television I

was at a loss when I already knew what the result of every major scene in the film

would be. The submerged animals of the great oceans of Adda Gunga where in highly

life like, but it lost affect when I had already seen them four clip already. Possibly the

greatest portion of this film, the contending scenes between Darth Maul ( Ray Park ) and the Jedi

Gui-Gon jin and Obi wan Kenobi ( Liam Neison and Ewan McGregor ) , was shown about

in its entireness during the film prevue!

This film was nevertheless non all that bad to a die difficult Star Wars fan like myself. I

got lost in the secret plan turns and boding that merely a true die difficult fan would truly

understand. The fast gait of this film does non let you to acquire bored, and it did non

bog me down with tonss of back information about the other films, but alternatively it seemed

to be like an independent movie at the beginning of what could be a great series of films to

semen. That one fact is in my eyes what saved this film, George Lucas did a great occupation at

doing a film that must in a sense & # 8220 ; set the phase & # 8221 ; for the other great Star Wars films

after the fact that they have already had astronomical sucess about a decennary before

episode one was even a dream in Lucas & # 8217 ; head.

When looking from an over all position I would give Star Wars: episode 1-The

Phantom Menace- a B+ , but looking from a true fan & # 8217 ; s perspective I give it a definite solid

A. I guess it all get down to if you haven & # 8217 ; t seen this film yet, even after all the media

ballyhoo and ware gross revenues predating its release so I recommend you do, you will non

be regretful, and who knows for all you people out there who have the sentiment & # 8220 ; Star wars

suctions & # 8221 ; this film may alter your heads.

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