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Sternberg, Spearman, and Gardner Models of Intelligence

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Unit 4 Sternberg, Spearman, and Gardner Models of Intelligence Aspects Psychology 206 In 1949 Robert Stenberg was born and is presently alive today. Robert J. Sternberg’s stunning study profession in psychology had quite an unpromising beginning; similar to a lot of the psychologists, his attention in human intelligence started at an early age. In the situation of Dr. Sternberg’s, nevertheless, the attention was deeply personal. In elementary school he performed poorly on IQ tests, and his teachers’ actions conveyed their low expectations for his future progress (Indiana University 2007).

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Sternberg, Spearman, and Gardner Models of Intelligence
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Indiana When Stenberg fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Alexa seen that he had potential and confronted him to improve that when everything changed. The encouragement that Mrs. Alexa gave him; he became a high achieving student. Triarchic theory of intelligence is what Sternberg proposed a model of intelligence. There are three parts to the triarchic theory of intelligence: Analytical intelligence which is the ability to break down a problem or situation into its components (Arvaypy110.

Tripod). This type is assessed by most intelligence tests.

Creative intelligence is the ability to cope with novelty and solve problems in new and unusual ways. Practical intelligence which is also known as common sense (Arvaypy110. Tripod). This kind of intelligence is the one that is understood by the public but it is absent from normal intelligence tests (Arvaypy110. Tripod). Teaching and evaluating students can also be practical to the Sternberg’s triachic theory of intelligence (Arvaypy110. Tripod). It is equivalent to the teaching that students show in every part of the intelligence model. The theory puts stress on the development of the intelligence (Arvaypy110.

Tripod). Dr. Sternberg’s personal experiences with intelligence testing in elementary school lead him to create his own intelligence test for a 7 th grade science project (Indiana University 2007). He happened to began administering the test to his classmates; his own test, the Sternberg Test of Mental Abilities (STOMA) appeared shortly thereafter (Indiana University 2007). In subsequent years he distinguished himself in many domains of psychology, having published influential theories relating to intelligence, creativity, wisdom, thinking styles, love and hate (Indiana University 2007).

Charles Spearman was a British psychologist and his idea that there are two types of intelligence. He was born in 1863 and died in 1945. The two type of intelligence is the first one is called “g” know as general intelligence ant the next one is called “s” that stand for a number of specific skills. Spearman thinks that the significant information to contain regarding an individuals intellectual ability is an approximation of their “g”. Spearman think that if you familiar with how a individual do on a “g” task, after that you might safely foresee how that individual would do on one more “g” task.

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