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What does place mean to each of the characters in the drama stolen?

Every individual has their ain function to play in this society. which cause them to hold different point of positions and different sentiments on the exact same issue. As a effect of that. people interpret the definition of an abstract construct with their ain alone observations and apprehensions every bit good. The characters in the drama “Stolen” by Jane Harrison. who were removed from their places at assorted phases of lives as a consequence of the government’s assimilation policies. are non exclusions. Each one of them has their ain unique understanding to the word “home” profoundly down their bosom consciously or unconsciously. For Jimmy. place was the symbolic term of his female parent. When he was still a kid. he had to go forth his female parent and invariably traveling in between his relatives’ topographic points. Stealing and hanging about was about everything he was making for his full childhood. Not long after. he was eventually caught by the constabulary at his uncle’s topographic point. His adolescent life was all about traveling in and out of gaols until he was put into a ‘children’s home’ by the authorities policy.

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The ‘unspoken abuse’s he suffered during that clip was like a payback more or less. some might believe he merit it. some might see it to be atrocious. Anyhow. when he arrived at ‘children’s home’ . he was told that his female parent is dead. and the frequent letters she wrote to him over the old ages were ne’er shown to him. Although at first he refused to believe in it. he was finally conned into accepting it as the truth. As his female parent was the symbol of place in his eyes. the loss of her made him lost his last religious support. Even after he was released. he did non of all time try to happen her. taking her to be dead until he was told otherwise in the saloon. When he was decently to run into her. he expressed the exhilaration he had to eventually see her once more and besides his hope that would eventually belong.

Then once more they ne’er met. as she died before they had a opportunity to run into. With her decease. any opportunity of Jimmy holding a household died and the last hope he kept one time once more vanished. as if the finish of them separated was foredoomed. Jimmy was condemned to feelings of insufficiency and solitariness and took his ain life. He spent his whole life ne’er cognizing the heat and comfort of holding a topographic point to name place. Even though place meant nil to Jimmy after all. he still one time had a female parent and a topographic point called place. For Ruby. place is a topographic point that she does non hold to work so difficult from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. As a immature kid. she suffered ‘Unspoken Abuses’ a few times. which already brought her mental injuries.

When she became a adolescent. she was adopted to a household as a amah. All the hurting. shame and fatigue she had to take all on herself made her agonized a batch. All she wanted was a topographic point which she doesn’t have to make all those plants and person who could care about her. Finally. she could take it no more and became a complete psycho. Even when her household found her and came to see her in the infirmary. she’s been wholly huffy and starts shouting at them. All she wanted was person who could appreciate her and work merely a small spot less. but all that ne’er happened. She was wholly lost on her manner place. For Shirley. place is been able to be together with her kids. her household. Shirley’s life is merely a tragic narrative. When she was small. she was taken off from her ain parents. And so when she has a babe. it was taken off from her once more. so did her grandchild…

However. she ne’er gives up on life because of the eternal calamity go oning in her life. Alternatively. she ever looks frontward to the hereafter and being optimistic on things. supports seeking with everything she could’ve idea of and could’ve done. Although if she found her household or non wasn’t told in the drama after all. holding a positive mentality on things will certainly allow her acquire closer to it. Whether or non holding her household with her physically isn’t that of import at the terminal. she’s ever got her household as a religious support behind her dorsum. For Sandy. place is someplace he could belong to. a topographic point to suit in. “Sand in the desert spends old ages seeking to happen a topographic point to suit in” . Sandy is in the same fortunes as the sand in his narrative. Near the terminal of the drama. after he was released. he told the anon. adult females at the coach halt that everyplace he went. he was mistreated. In the topographic point where he joined a fishing trawler. half the rewards was paid to him even though he did the work that every other adult male on board did.

He went from occupation to occupation. topographic point to topographic point. ne’er settling down for more than a twelvemonth. Once he even tried to settle down in the scopes and idea of get downing a household of his ain. but was evicted by the authorities. It took him several old ages until he eventually realized the 1 topographic point he belonged was the topographic point he had one time called place. in the desert with the reset of ‘his mob’ . At the terminal. he was eventually on his manner place. For Anne. place is an irrelevant term that confuses her and messes up her peaceable life. Although she was taken off from her household really early in her life. she hasn’t been remaining long in the ‘children’s home’ . Shortly after she got at that place. she was adopted by a twosome of white parents who are really sort to her ; chiefly because of her tegument colour wasn’t as black. Early reaching and early depart led her to hold merely small or even no memories about the period of clip when she stayed. After that. everything in her life was traveling good. excessively good. She was merely like an ordinary girl of an ordinary white in-between category household. with no difference from others at all. until her adoptive parents told her the truth about her biological parents. At first. she didn’t take it so earnestly. it was instead funny for her to see her biological household.

But she had been truly busy on school plants. didn’t have clip to run into her existent female parent. However. as she is turning up. there is more and more force per unit area for her from each side of the households: her Aboriginal household kept stating her that among the white people is non where she’s belong to. she is one of them ; and her white household started endangering her that if she go to see her biological household. they will non acknowledge her as their girl any longer. The statements from each side of the households are perfectly right from their ain point of position. But for Anne. it’s a determination that has no right reply. whichever she chooses will be incorrect for the other side. she merely can non hold it both ways. It was a life determination which will wholly alter her life. even at the terminal of the drama. Anne was still lost and stoping of her narrative is vague. In decision. place has a different significance to everyone. non limited to the characters in this drama. but besides to all of us in existent life. As each one of them had their ain sole life experiences. alone sentiments and apprehensions are formed inside their head. so there was the position. which is besides one of the chief subjects of this drama that the writer is seeking to convey to audiences.

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