Hope and Believing Should be Present in an Effort to Be a Good Leader

Moving from place to place and the divorce process of being divided between parts taught me to adapt with the flow Of ever changing events. I am not challenged in environments that change often, this is where feel most comfortable. The ability to believe in unseen is brought forth by my faith. Hope and believing should be present in an effort to be a good leader that care to have followers who trust. Believing in the impossible and having the clear vision of the end helps build others up in the end and can inspired a shared vision.

Communication is a strong suit of mine. Two things about communication deliver a message that can be understood to all listening and ask question to receive clarity. I have often been told I communicate well. Some state it’s intuitive however, I believe it is because I care to learn more and share what I know that can help others in different aspects of their lives. Communication is also about having the discussions that others care not to. Tough discussions reiterates to an audience truth and honesty is a possession and working in it is what the leader aspires to do.

Positivist falls alone the line of communication, adaptability, believing to me. Looking for the best in ever changing people and circumstances is what I care to. Encouraging others through positive reinforcement assist them in believing in themselves and how to reaffirm themselves. The results of my themes and definitions did not surprise me, however, I was surprised that there is a concept of how to identify strengths tit words and through definitions. Nevertheless, agree with much of what I discovered about myself.

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