Hope and Believing Should be Present in an Effort to Be a Good Leader

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Throughout my journey of moving and going through a divorce, I have gained the ability to adjust to the ever-changing circumstances in my life. I excel in situations that are continually evolving since they make me feel most comfortable. My religious beliefs have taught me to have faith in intangible concepts. For effective leadership, it is crucial for leaders to possess hope and faith as this fosters trust among their followers. By believing in what may seem unattainable and having a distinct vision of the ultimate objective, we can uplift and motivate others to join us in pursuing our common vision.

I have a talent for effective communication, which includes delivering a message that everyone can understand and clarifying information by asking questions. Numerous individuals have praised my excellent communication abilities. While some attribute it to intuition, I believe it is because of my sincere interest in acquiring knowledge and sharing it to help others in different aspects of their lives. Moreover, communication involves engaging in challenging conversations that some people may shy away from. During these tough discussions, leaders strive to show their audience the significance of truthfulness and honesty.

As a positivist, I value communication and adaptability. I strive to find the best in people and situations that are constantly evolving. I believe in supporting others through positive reinforcement, helping them build self-belief and self-affirmation. I was not surprised by the outcomes and definitions related to my strengths, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn how words and definitions can assist in identifying these strengths. Despite this, I largely agree with what I have discovered about myself.

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