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    This is a beautiful planet, full of wonderful people, ancient history and natural wonders. My question would be, why wouldn’t anyone want to travel if they can? Studying abroad is an experience of a life time. I believe when you move abroad, you move out of your comfort zone. Five years ago, when I moved to US from Nepal, it was a completely different culture to me. I wished to discover myself by placing me in a complete remote environment and hoped to discover more about myself which I did in these past five years.

    Studying abroad will give me a perspective into different culture and ideals. It will make me more humble, down to earth and respectful. It makes me realize how little I know and how much more there is to be explore. Being born and raised in a small village of Nepal and as a first-generation, low- income college student in America, I have faced many challenges and, difficulties. Since I am the oldest child in the family, my parents have higher expectations for me. Even I have higher expectation on me. It is not easy to balance multiple on-campus jobs, watching my younger siblings, schoolwork, and participating on my school’s tennis team.

    Yet, my life here has made me reflect on the disparity of opportunities in Nepal versus the U.S. Couple of years ago, my family and I took a trip to Chesapeake Bay. And during that time, we noticed a lot of problems in Chesapeake Bay like chemical contaminants in Bay’s tidal waters, climate change, pollutions and so on. It was heart breaking to observe. People living in this world are unaware of marine biology and lifestyle of marine animals. After that I started researching on it. My heart and mind always used to ask why isn’t people doing anything to conserve it and save our blue crabs and other marine animals. During the research process, I developed a deep interest for marine animals.

    The interest in the Chesapeake Bay chemical contaminants in Bay’s tidal waters deepened once I began studying Chemistry and Biology in high school and college first year. I would like to receive the best knowledge in the marine biology, and University of Sunshine Coast has one of the very best marine ecology research and the curriculum of the University of Sunshine Coast for oceans and marine life is also something I found very interesting. I will get more information and knowledge about marine and oceans at USC during my study abroad program and try my best to contribute my learning experience to save Chesapeake Bay.

    Yet, while I cannot single handedly fix these systemic issues, I firmly believe in contributing to solutions and bridging cultural divides. I would love the chance to get more experience outside of the classroom and I believe studying in a diverse environment can improve a student’s personal development. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to connect with students from different backgrounds and varied talents at University of Sunshine Coast, Australia. I am self-driven, but would enjoy being in a supportive, focused environment with like-minded students. I know Gilman Scholarship will allow me to make contributions in my academic life and prepare me for my future career by funding to go to study abroad.

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