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Study Abroad or Study Locally

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    Furthering your study after finishing high school is a very crucial and important decision to be made in life. Some might even see it as a life important cross path. The thing that would soon to define your life either you are going to be successful or fail in life. I personally doesn’t agree with it, but non-the less. I have to agree, getting a degree or a diploma does have a huge impact in your life and carrier. One of the most common question students pond about is what course is it to be taken and WHERE?

    Some might prefer studying at a local college without having to give up their sweet and normal comfortable life routine, and some prefers to get out of the country , do what not many have done before, set their eyes on not many have set their eyes before. Well, both are also fine and really much depends on the individuals. Let us first see the definition of studying abroad and local and make a comparison out of it. Studying abroad is defined as to get an education in a systematic manner via an institution, be it diploma or degree, As long as it is outside of your country.

    This means, if you were to take a Twinning program, in which case you learn using abroad syllabus, exams, tutorials and such. But at your local universities, it doesn’t include as studying abroad. On the other hand, studying locally is defined as to obtain an education in a proper manner via a higher institution that is first and most importantly, geographically located inside your country. This would include as I’ve said before, even though you are taking a twinning program from abroad universities.

    As long as you are completing it at your own country, it will still be counted as studying locally. The contrast of studying abroad and locally is as clear as the night and day if you ask me. There are a lot of differences that can be accounted; the simplest example is the culture and way of living differences. This is something that really would affect the student’s education and studying. But, firstly let’s talk about the first thing that usually pops inside the mind of everybody when we talk about studying abroad. Cost of studying.

    We take Malaysia as an example, here in Malaysia, generally the cost of obtaining a diploma or degree from a private institution would cost around RM 30,000 to RM 50,000 depending on which college you enroll in. Not to say, here in Malaysia, you can easily obtaining financial support for you to further your studies such as the PTPTN, MARA or various scholarships offered. Plus if you are able to enroll into those governments subsidized higher institutions, the cost could get lower to RM15, 000. As for studying abroad, the cost of obtaining a degree from United Kingdom (U.

    K) would cost generally around RM 400,000. May I add that this huge sum of money is only to cover the tuition fees. It does not cover other aspect of studying abroad such as daily expenses, food, transportation, accommodation, and assignments or such. This other aspect included will bring the total amount close to RM 500,000. The time where our country’s education system seems fallen back so far behind compared to the west is now becoming history. Nowadays with our country fast developing to become a first world country the huge gaps that used to exist between our country and the west is fast coming to an end.

    Today if we look at it clearly, we can see that the local and abroad universities pretty much provide the same general facilities. It is true to note that not all local colleges are able to provide it, some local colleges doesn’t even have its own campus if I may say. But , big established universities in Malaysia such as Universiti Malaya (UM) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) are one of those universities that is competent and up to the scale of providing the same facilities as abroad universities.

    Basic infrastructures such as multi-purpose stadium, sports field, Housing is both for the lecturers and students and a mini community inside a large campus to create a more conductive education environment. This situation has made the facilities both in locals and abroad universities are equals. Job prospect can be defined as the expectation for a job to be available and/or the likelihood of a person obtaining the position. Now in job prospect there are two main factors that are involved. The two main factors involved are the abilities and qualifications of the individual and the possibility of any specific job being available.

    Which is to say, not only the qualifications matters while applying for a job, how you presented yourself also plays a crucial role. Whether you graduated from the local or abroad is actually can be summed as equally the same. First, in certain industries such as the insurance and banking sectors, the employers do not look at fresh graduates from above as the number 1 choice for hiring. The employers would still compare it to the first class local graduates and weigh it up to see which is better. This is because, nowadays Malaysia higher education systems have improved a lot, and a lot of locals student are taking papers from oversea.

    Which in result give them an equally advantage with those who graduated from abroad. Second, certain employers are actually keener in hiring local graduates more than those abroad because local graduates usually are more loyal to their employers and less demanding. To sum it up, where you graduate doesn’t affect your job prospect that much. I mean graduating from Harvard might really boost up your resume, but don’t be let down if you just graduated from the local universities. Just remember, Present yourself nicely during interviews and hope for the best, there are always jobs waiting for you.

    So after all those being said, it really comes down to this. Studying in the locals and abroad both has its advantages and disadvantages like many other things. It is really up to the person himself to decide which path is most suited to him. Studying locals has its advantages as it is much safer, cheaper and reliable in the sense the parents can look after their performance. But it also means the students living in their comfort zone, and do not reach out their full potential and challenge themselves.

    As for studying abroad, students can become more independent, open up to a whole new world and challenge themselves but it also means that the probabilities of the student screwing up and forget the whole purpose of going there since there are nobody to look out for them. Not to mention other problems such as not being able to fit in, language barrier and such might prove to make it harder to study. So for all the students, pick which one do you think is suitable for you. After all getting an education local or abroad is never a bad thing.

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