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Stupid Is as Stupid Does

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  • Pages 4
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    One of the two books I read was Forrest Gump, written by Winston Groom. I spent almost two months on it, and I found it so interesting and instructive that the simple and easy words could touch my heart. Forrest Gump is a man who has a very low intelligence. Everyone, including himself, thinks that he is an idiot. The narrator of this book is himself, and it is interestingly different to see the world from an “idiot”. Though he might not be so good at dealing with social problems, he has a pure and optimistic heart that brings and takes away so much success that he doesn’t even care about.

    It is also the reason I chose this book because I can learn what is really important without being distracted by fame and gain. I believed that an idiot can be more intelligent than us in many ways, and I knew I was right by reading Forrest Gump. “Maybe I am an idiot, but at least I ain’t stupid. ” A simple sentence said by Forrest Gump gives me an interesting thought: Is being an idiot completely equivalent to being stupid? Forrest Gump can’t say words correctly; he can’t feel shame, and he doesn’t do appropriate things at appropriate time.

    However, he is a genius in math, playing chess, running, doing business and boxing. His talents have shocked countless “intelligent people” and made them feel ashamed. He might have so many shining fortes that can cover his shortcomings, but others still regard him as an idiot. I started to think that it is pretty unfair for Forrest to be treated as a stupid guy with the intelligence of an imbecile. After all, he is a fool with talents. It is the society, or more specifically, the culture, that determines whether you are an idiot or not. You are a fool if you don’t do things others do or against so-called “common sense”.

    In the book Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie always says that the culture shouldn’t control us, so we should not buy it. Sometimes the fact that most people follow doesn’t make everything right. Different isn’t bad, it’s just different. Forrest Gump’s talents are still there whether you choose to see them or not. Maybe to our world he is an idiot, but he isn’t stupid. Another quote that sticks out to me is almost in the end of the book. “I’m wonderin jus why am I doin all this for? A long time ago, me an Bubba had a plan, which has now gone beyon our wildest dreams, but so what? Sometimes our dreams are distorted by what we have. The more deeply we sink into the mire, the fewer original dreams will remain in our heart. The desire of profit overwhelms us so much that the simple dream we had that kept us working will become more and more opaque. Once we lose our main purpose, or it is changed by some reasons, we don’t even know what we are doing all this for, just like Forrest Gump. This is similar to playing chess. While the queen is killing the enemy “courageously”, it should always know that it is the king that keeps the player alive.

    If the player loses the king, which is not as powerful as the queen, no matter what the queen has done, the game is over. People think Gump is stupid because sometimes he gives up so many opportunities that can make him successful, in order to follow his heart. In fact, that is why his experience is so precious. Jenny, Gump’s girlfriend, loves him because of his pure motivation of living. However, even an “idiot” can be tempted by something he wishes. Boxing makes Forrest Gump have a strong desire to excel. The more he wins, the more he wants to beat the next opponent until he brings the family to ruin.

    He finally realizes that he is no longer on his original way of seeking the sincere joy. The quote shows us how he goes back on his dreams, and why we should find our dream. Don’t make the game over, and only by saving the king can we keep the game going with a soul. Sometimes our dreams might make us stupid; sometimes we won’t be accepted by our culture, but so what? Stupid is as stupid does, but only God can judge us. As we follow Forrest Gump’s easy way of life, we will see that our life isn’t as bad as we think, but actually, “life is a box of chocolate, and you never know what you’re gonna get. ”

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