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Matthew 5:6 Matthew 5 Matthew 5:5-7 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

They should have more places like Saint Vincent De Paul. The people are really thankful. Saint Vincent De Paul not only gives meals but also they give slips that are worth money for the local park showers, clothes, bus tokens, and laundry tokens. When the men and women ask for bath accessories such as soap, shampoo and conditioner SVDP is there to supply it for them. This was somewhat of a spiritual experience. I was truly touched that people could care so much about the less fortunate. It really made me feel good that these poor men and women had such high spirits even though some of them are homeless and living on the streets. Having the men and women be this thankful and cheery made me feel very good about my self it was like I was brightening their day.

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People really depend on these types of programs to get at least a few good meals a week. They also depend on these programs to get their basic needs such as a shower, blankets, clothes and accessories. Places like SVDP give less fortunate people at least a chance to have a life. Even though children are not allowed in this program the parents get to bring food back home for them. I wish I had a direct experience with the children. That would have been a more touching experience.

Say I was a prophet my message from god would have to be very true and my message would be to help the needy with all your heart and when filling a cup fill it up to the top or if cooking food, cook it good. The problem right now with the poor is that the government is not suppling enough shelters for all the homeless men and women. Most important the children may not have schools to attend to get a education to grow up and be able to live a normal life. I would fix this by getting a big group together with donations and build shelters in the cities that most need them and by giving the poorest towns enough schools to give a every child a spot in a school. The most important reason I would do this to make the less fortunate happy and to give them a chance to get there lives back in order.

This experience has changed my feelings about the less fortunate people and how bad their lives are. One thing I learned from this experience, that I did not already know, was that there are people out there that really care about these people and want to help them. I also learned that the poor people are very thankful for Saint Vincent De Paul and the people really depend on these kind’s of organizations. When the men and women come in to the building making jokes and laughing it gives you a feeling that even when your having an unfortunate time in life you can stay in the highest spirits.

Saint Vincent De Paul is always asking for donations but it goes to a very good cause and the people are very thankful.

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