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Summary of Nike Case Study

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The company of Nikkei started in 1962 as Blue Ribbon Sports. It focus on athletic running shoes and was popular in the U. S. Guarding famous athlete as a spokesperson made Nikkei achieve great success. In 1 985, the Air- Jordan basketball shoes create over $100 million profit and $20 million are using in the ads Of “Just do it” which became the campaign ad in 1988 As Nikkei began to expand overseas market in Europe, the new sponsor Brazilian team which is the World Cup campaign had changed the Nine’s image from a sneaker company o a brand that represented emotion.

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Summary of Nike Case Study
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In 2007, Nikkei became the sole uniforms supplier Of over 100 soccer team all around the world. In 2008, Nikkei sponsored most of the Chinese team in Summer Olympic and made a great contribution to its revenue in the Asian region. To develop the business, Nikkei entered different athletic footwear. For example, the Golf brand endorsed by Tiger Woods and the tennis brand aligned with Maria Sharecrop et al The cooperation with Lance Armstrong achieve great success for both company and Armstrong personal lifetimes.

To promote basketball shoes and apparel, Nikkei formed a partnership with Foot Locker to create a chain of stores. Recently, Nikkei developed its new technology Nikkei + and cooperate with Apple to make it become the world’s largest Running club. It hosted the largest global virtual race in the world in 2008 and 2009. However, Nikkei is not only a good seller but also a low- pitched CEO- friendly brand. Now Nikkei has expanse different sports categories and become a successful company with revenues over $19 billion.

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