Business Writing Assignment: Nike Essay

This writing assignment involves some research. You can conduct an interview of an actual businessperson in your area or do some research on the web. Choose a familiar business. Then, either visit the place of business or visit its website (be sure to choose one that has a website). Find the answers to the following questions, and then construct a short report (two paragraphs) that provides the information requested in the questions. Questions: 1. What is the name of the business? 2. What type of business is it? 3.

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Business Writing Assignment: Nike
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If the business is a partnership or corporation, what type is it? 4. Where is it located? 5. What types of products does the business sell? 6. Does the business seem to be popular among consumers? How can you tell? 7. How do the business’ prices compare to other businesses that sell the same product? 8. Was the business formed by some type of corporate combination? If so, explain. 9. Give some examples of other businesses that would provide a beneficial partnership and explain the type of partnership it would be and why o think this partnership would be beneficial.

Answer: Nikkei Nikkei is a business dedicated to the manufacture and sale of mainly footwear and sporting goods. The company was founded by Bill Borrower and Phil Knight. It is the largest distributor of footwear worldwide. Its base is located in Oregon, United States. Nikkei seems popular among consumers because it has many benefits of purchasing to offer. Besides their sports equipment and clothing Nikkei sells a lifestyle, a culture of sport, an attitude known as “Just Do It”.

So when o put on your Nines, somehow you are joining with what the brand and its athletes represent: an authentic passion for sport, hard work, and a high athletic performance. Also, the content of the relationship proposed by Nikkei goes beyond the concern of the bodies of their clients or their sport they practice and reaches generally to their own lives. Compared to other business that sell the same product like Aids, Aids dominates more than 35% share of the huge football market, followed by Nikkei, with a figure close to 32%.

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