International relations Topics

Key figures in the Hungarian and Czech Uprisings Essay

Khrushchev - presided over a period of the Cold War in which the USA and the USSR tested each others resolve by a tit for tat foreign policy of "brinkmanship." Each side pushed each other to the edge of war to see who would blink first. It calumniated in the Cuban Missile Crises in which both sides almost...

Why did international peace collapse in 1939? Essay

When Hitler came to power in in Germany in 1933 he had already planned out what he wanted Germany to accomplish. Hitler had written a book called Mein Kampf, in 1924 that stated his goals. His first goal was to abolish the Treaty of Versailles, he fought in World War I and felt that German politicians had...

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Improvements to the Treaty of Versailles – why weren’t they possible at the time? Essay

For the establishing a lasting peace section, I wrote down the points:

1. Wilson’s 14 point plan

2. Allowing Germany to be involved in the negotiations of the treaty

3. Spread the war guilt to all the countries fighting on Germany’s side

4. Insist on disarmament

5. Admit Germany in to the...

How Far Was Detente Successful in the 1970’s? Essay

In the 1970's, the cold war entered a period of Di??tente. In the following essay I am going to discuss the reasons why I feel that in some aspects it was positive and others it wasn't. I feel that indeed, Di??tente was successful in a number of ways. Firstly it reduced the defense costs for both the USSR...

Italy did not Make Itself, France Did Essay

Charles Alberts famous quote "Italia fara da se" (Italy will make herself, by herself) was made in 1849 when the Piedmontese army was sent into Lombardy to take it over for the first time. This quote, however, was soon shown to be an empty boast and would stay like that for another 12 years. It became...

If Everyone Spoke One Language, English for Example, It Would Lead to Better International Relations Essay

One globe but almost 200 countries on it and about 6000-7000 foreign languages. Why do people need so many languages? Is it a human aspiration of distinguishing from the others? Wouldn’t it be better and easier if there was just one code of communication common for everyone? My answer is: definitely not. It...

Napoleon’s Impact on French-British International Relations Essay

Napoleon’s Impact on French-British International Relations
France had been at war with its European neighbors for decades prior to the events of 1789 and it was not und 1802 that the conflicts opposing it to other European States would come to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Amiens...

International Relations’ Theories Realism vs. Liberalism Essay

Social humanitarian sciences focus on studying global political processes and the object of its research are social phenomena, which are defined as “international relations” in the world we know. International relations are comprised of many different categories, such as foreign policy, international...

International Relations Essay

International Relations



The end of the Cold War in the previous century has gained various reactions from scholars who openly expressed their opinions especially its political consequences. Kenneth Waltz, in his aspiration to provide an explanation of the current international...

What Is ‘Power’ in International Relations? Use Examples to Illustrate Your Argument Essay

Power can be seen as a very complicated concept within International Relations. Power in International Relations does not only refer to military might but also includes economic power, cultural power and also, 'soft' and 'hard' power. Brown defines power as not just one thing but three things all working at...

The Role of Non-state Actors in International Relations Essay

The Role of Non-state Actors in International Relations
International relations (IR) is like a stage where actors are needed to put on a show. Actors are any person or entity which plays a role that is attributable in international relations. There are two kind of actors in the world of...

International Relations Research Paper Essay

International Relations (IR) is the study of relationships between countries. The author in this reading goes into detail on the origins of IR and how they fit into our society today. Key topics that are talked about are state sovereignty, state system, the security dilemma, hegemony, balance of power. IR...

Global Cities in International Relations Essay

The process of economic globalization creates cultural links between core capitalist countries and their peripheries through other means besides military intervention. In many cases, these cultural links are longstanding, reflecting a colonial past in which core countries established administrative and...

Marxism and its contribution to the study of International Relations today Essay

Marxism and its contribution to the study of International Relations today
The question of the current work is the potential of applicability of Marx’s works to modern world in general and to today’s international relations in particular. From the first glance the answer is simple: the Marxist theory is...

What does it meant by International Relations Essay

1.0 Introduction

International Relations (IR) is a term that is used to identify all interactions between state-based actors across state boundaries1 (Evans and Newnham 1998). What is meant by International Relations (IR)? International Relations refer to both discipline as well as the process between...

Foreign policy/international relations/african history/genocide Essay

“Belgian UN troops, school children, NGO workers and over 2,500 Tutsi citizens and their sympathizers took refuge against a raging genocide while the Hutu militia, clad with machetes, clamored outside the school gates.” (Caton, 2005)...

International Relations Paper ( Political Science) Open Letter to President Bashar Al-Assad Essay

How do you feel as being one of the biggest dictators, radical, ego-testicular, insecure president the world has ever seen? Do you feel great about yourself? How do you think your mom would feel about you turning your back on millions of your citizens? This not a nation that likes you or to even think your...

International relations theories Essay

International relations theories
The United States has continued to investigate what went amiss on September 11, 2001. The country’s intelligence faces imminent restructuring, the military is now focused on a new enemy and the federal agency seeks to coordinate with the homeland security, but...

Will Religion Play a Major Role in International Relations in the Coming Decades, Why or Why Not? Essay

Will religion play a major role in International Relations in the coming decades, why or why not? The fist Amendment to the United States Constitution expresses the importance of religious freedom. It reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise...

International Relations Questions Essay

International Relations Essay Questions
Q1) What assumptions provided the motivation for the European Union’s creation? Analyze its evolution over time.
The formation of the European Union, comprising 27 sovereign states, provides for the observer a curiosity unlike any other. From my personal point of...

Principle of International Relations Essay

D-The international system Is created to prevent anarchy, which is a lack of central government control and lack of rules/law enforcement. Therefore most governments agree on norms of behavior. What behavior is considered good or bad or proper. Rogue states: al douwal el kharija 3an el kanoun. Sovereignty:...

International Relations Theory Essay

The purpose of this paper is to give a constructionist school of thought in response to Robert Jervis’s quote. The main sources of rebuttal to this argument will Be Alexander Wendt viewpoints on realism and international relations. The latter writer came up with his approach to international...

The International Relations of the People’s Republic of China Essay

The International Relations of the People’s Republic of China

            The thousands of years of Chinese history has helped mold the current economic powerhouse in East Asia, considerable enough to pose a serious threat to the United States of America. Not only does Chinese power contain its economic...

International Relations : North-South Divide Essay

International Relations : North-South Divide
            The Least Developed Countries are the countries which have the lowest ratings in Human Development Index and socio-economic development in the world.  These countries are faced with very many challenges that inhibit their development,...

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