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Teenage Declaration of Independance

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Declaration of Independence October 4, 2011 When a junction between two parties is no longer functioning in the way it was intentended, or in a such a fasion that one is taking advantage of the other, it is reasonable to identify these reasons that are responsable for creating a clash of ideas and opinions and announce the seding of a party. We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all children are not slaves to their creators nor responable for their duties. Families are created apon values which should be upheld and honored by all.

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Teenage Declaration of Independance
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These are consitituded by honoring the ideas of privacy, individualism, and self-empowerment. It is too often enough when a parent involves themself too much in an child’s life, causing unwanted attention. When this occurs, an infrigement on basic values, it is the right of the child to raise up, and take the freedom that they deserve. For it the child that is struggling through school with muliple burndens.

It is the right of a child to make thier own rules for when they have to be home and their descision for what they want to eat and when to eat it.

For too long the tryany my parents have encroached on the rights of children. Let an ignorant world hear my cries. They have demanded troublesome child manual labour that ought to be outlawed, such as mowing the front and back yards. They demand the washing machine is emptied and loaded at their request. They have required that a curfew is in effect, not allowing residents of their house to leave the house between the hours of 12 AM and 4 AM.

They have forbbiden access to the automotive, unless the destination and estimated time of arrival and departure is known. They expect that when a computer malfunctions, that I will know the answer and demand that I put into place a solution. They expect when anything electronial malfuntions, that I will know the answer and demand that I put into place a solution. They have compared children to each other, in unfair ways such as height and wieght. They have required, with consquence, studying before a test or quiz in various subjects in school.

They read over written work, to check for errors and fix mistakes, in order to brainwash the children into thinking they are not independant, thus preventing them from thinking independant thoughts. They expect excellence marks in every area of study, regardless of difficulty or style. They use phrases such as “Do as I say, not as I do” to cover up their mistakes, and set a double standard. They have a general thought that they are better than the children.

At every avaiable time I have tried to appeal these outragous demands and I am met with unyielding results. In response to these actions, no reasonble reply has been made. Therefore, I, Ben Lawson, declare myself free and independant from my parents, known as Lisa and David, from here on after. It is now my responablity to descide on meal choices and class in school. I shall have the ability to put fuel in my car and make important descions on my own. It is my right to be disconnected from my parents.

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