Song “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran

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As a student, I find the lyrics of The A Team” by Ed Sheeran to be very powerful and filled with emotion. Although I cannot personally relate to the struggles of drug addiction, I can understand the pain and suffering that this person is going through. The song tells the story of a woman who is deeply entrenched in her addiction and is forced to sell her body to feed it. The artist uses various language features such as metaphors and parallel structure to make the lyrics more interesting and engaging. The powerful emotion in the lyrics makes the song very enjoyable to listen to.”

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“The A Team” by Ed Sheeran elicits a strong emotional reaction from me, as I can relate to the situations and struggles depicted in the lyrics. Although I haven’t personally undergone these experiences, I empathize with them deeply. The song explores the life of a woman battling addiction, shedding light on the daily challenges she faces. It portrays her longing for a better life while acknowledging that her addiction has become ingrained, making it seem nearly insurmountable.

The lyrics of the song suggest that the woman mentioned engages in prostitution to support her drug habit. The phrase “And in her pipe she flies to the motherland and sells love to another man” conveys this idea. The artist also expresses that the difficulties we face in life, which are often painful and unfair, come without any direct cause from us. This text depicts the desperation of individuals who are willing to degrade themselves in order to obtain drugs, indicating their heavy reliance on substances in their daily existence. Additionally, the artist employs various literary devices like metaphors and parallel structure to enhance the enjoyment of the text.

The artist compares the woman’s face, which has been affected by drugs, to crumbled pastries. This simile allows us to form a vivid visual image and evokes a repulsive reaction towards her appearance. Additionally, the parallel structure of “white lips, pale face” enhances the impact of the song. These diverse language features add depth to the text and capture the audience’s attention. The emotional lyrics, along with the use of language features, contribute to the overall enjoyment of this song.

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