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Song “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran

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I find lyrics to “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran very deep and emotional and although I am not able to relate to them personally I am able to understand what this person has been or is going through. The song is about is about a woman with a drug addiction and the things she has to go through on a daily basis. The song tells us she “Hopes for a better life” but is too far into her addiction to change.

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Song “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran
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The song says “And in her pipe she flies to the motherland and sells love to another man” implying that she is selling her body to feed her addiction. The artist also says “The worst things in life come free to us” meaning the pain and suffering that we experience in life, we don’t necessarily do anything to deserve. The text shows how people are willing to degrade themselves to get drugs which shows how much they rely on drugs in their daily lives.

To make the text more enjoyable the artist uses different language features such as metaphors, parallel structure etc.

The artist uses the simile “crumbling like pastries” to describe this woman’s face after all the drugs she has taken, the simile helps us to visualise what this woman looks like and makes us feel repulsed by her appearance. The parallel structure “white lips, pale face” gives added effect to the song. Because of the different language features it gives the text more a lot more feeling and keeps the audience interested. The emotion in the lyrics and the language features make this text very enjoyable to listen to.

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