The Accounting Standard Setting Process Accounting

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In every organisation, from the authorities, to non-profit companies to little concerns to corporations, accounting is being used for entering day-to-day minutess and fiscal study. As it is besides a major portion of their corporate determination devising or investing determinations. Troubles might be faced when comparing fiscal statements between companies, because there are different methods being used for each. That is why accounting policies were made. Accounting being the nexus between organisations, regulations, ordinance and policies were established to standardise fiscal information for the company ‘s benefit and the populace.

By and large Accepted Accounting Principles

The common set of accounting rules, criterions and ordinances that organisations use to piece their fiscal statements. GAAP are a combination of important and dependable criterions which is used in describing fiscal statements.

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The Standard Setting Procedure: Parties Involved

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants ( AICPA )

Fiscal Accounting Standards Board ( FASB )

Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC )

Governmental Accounting Standards Board ( GASB )

Aim of Accounting Standards

The aim of Accounting Standards is to standardise the assorted accounting aims and policies. The purpose is to synchronise the different accounting policies which are used to fix fiscal statements, which would ensue in easy comparing between companies. When companies produce their fiscal statements, many users benefit from it, Owners as investors, employees, Analysts/advisors, trade brotherhoods, journalists, stockbrokers, Suppliers, the authorities and the populace. Information must be utile for investing and recognition determinations and reexamining hard currency flow anticipation for future determinations.

The Accounting Standard Board believes there should be a demand for a globally standard which is accepted around the universe and has common policies which should be applied in order to avoid any troubles. That is because it is merely through utilizing the standard accounting regulations and ordinance which is created by shared rules that a dependable attack can be used to decide any accounting jobs and differences.

Standards are used to make stableness, because the deficiency of regulations and orders would take to chaos between organisations.

The more organisations can pull off their fiscal statements with other organisation and utilize the same accounting criterions, the more efficient concern can increase and lift. The chief advantage of the organisation holding the same format is it makes it easier for different companies to compare their fiscal statements if one is sing making concern with the other.

This is why standard package, standard clerking patterns and standard certification are established. Another advantage is sharing a common criterion with your clients, clients, rivals, providers, and spouses would do it easier to link to each other. And it would let people to see assorted organisations from different parts of universe.

The disadvantages are limited and can be defeated by competent employees. If a company is fixed on a specific criterion, so any new staff hired by the company should inscribe through a preparation to present them to the company ‘s criterion. It might take to some extent a cut back in creativeness and productiveness for some clip.

Fiscal studies are presented depending on the organisation ‘s timeframe, supplying full information that must be high quality and assembled objectively. Third-parties who are interested on such information have the right to be guaranteed that the information which is delivered to them is accurate. For this ground, fiscal accounting relies on certain criterions.

There are features which are meant to be served as a model to get down the procedure of constructing a standard fiscal statement.

Comprehensibility: The information should be presented in a manner that is apprehensible by the assorted users who have the cognition of concern and accounting.

Relevance: The information in fiscal statements is relevant when it is able of act uponing economic determinations of users and by supplying the relevant information from either past, present or future events. It should do a difference in their determinations, like rectifying past determinations. Materiality is one of the factors in which it determines whether information is relevant or non. Timeliness is another component of relevancy. To do the information more utile to the users, the information must be given to users within the clip period in which it is will be most likely accepted.

Dependability: The information in the fiscal statements is dependable and reliable if it is free from material mistake and favoritism. It should besides be faithful. The information should stand for what it truly represents in the organisation ; information that is biased can be misdirecting. The information should be CompleteA – the reported information should non hold a missing stuff fact. Neutrality – information should be free from prejudice, it should non favor one side to the other.

Comparability & A ; Consistent: Users should be capable of comparing the fiscal statements of assorted organisations over clip so that they can detect its fiscal state of affairs, public presentation and viing involvements. This would take to the demand of some consistence and stableness, wherever comparings are to be expected to be done by the users. Let go ofing of relevant information of accounting policies is critical for comparison.


Accounting is a standard linguistic communication which is used to measure fiscal public presentation by a assortment of organisations. Common accounting criterion has made it easier for companies locally and internationally to compare and to mention to other fiscal statements. Geting the set of rules made it clear for people with concern and accounting cognition a better apprehension to the studies. The criterions were set by known accounting organic structures, to avoid any rectification made by the companies on their fiscal statements merely to profit them. Therefore, this has smoothed the manner for accounting criterions to come into being.

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