The American Dream No Longer Exist

The term “American Dream” is used in various ways across the globe. It basically means that with sacrifice, hard work, and good education people can succeed and live their lives happy with little to no worries. The American dream is the ideal life for everyone. Many people have expanded upon this definition of the American dream and most people believe such a dream isn’t achievable in today’s modern structure of the American society. Everyone interprets the American dream differently.

To some it might mean getting an acceptable education; using it to get well paid jobs and becoming moderately wealthy and being able to live their lives doing whatever they love and pursuing the dreams they wish to pursue. To others It might simply mean Ralston and supporting a family. It could be being a stay at home mother or father. The point Is there Is not a concrete definition of the term “American Dream. ” It is a belief that each individual person has. Today people argue that such a dream is no longer is achievable. The American dream is supposed to be a balanced society, where everybody could achieve it.

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It used to be if you worked hard, you would get the things you wanted. But things have changed and not for the best. This can no longer happen for everyone. People were more honest in the past, the work ethnics have changed. More and more people are Just in it Just to make a quick buck, with greediness and our quickly changing economy it is becoming harder to achieve this economic success. Fewer and fewer Americans are benefiting from economic growth. The gap between the richest Americans and the poorest Americans is only Increasing t a very fast rate. The Idea of the American Dream Is dying out faster than ever.

While united States born citizens view the American dream as relating to wealth, financial stability, freedom, and family, the immigrant’s view of this dream is much different. Immigrants view the American dream as an opportunity to get good jobs, owning a house and having safety from war. Americans have a higher standard of living than other countries. We take the things that other countries would do anything to have for granted. As an American you have more opportunities than other countries. You have good schools; you don’t have to worry so much about the basic necessities as other countries.

You have more rights to do what you want, more access to knowledge than others. You can pick what you want to do. It doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed success, but at least we have a choice. While U. S Americans say it Is harder to reach the American dream, Immigrants would defer. Immigrants still remain positive and hopeful about their potential to achieve this dream. My American dream Is basically to be able to live my life doing what I love getting as much education as I can, and living my life happily. If my life were to go the way I about the cost.

My American dream is to Just be satisfied with the life I have, and then hopefully being able to pass down as much knowledge as I have to the next generations to come. Although I do not believe the American dream is still alive, as it was sold to us. I think it was the generations before me, but I think it has been taken over because the United States doesn’t even exist anymore. We are no longer competing across countries. We have a much high standard of living than other countries, so it is harder for people to compete against them and get better advancements.

We are also very specialized anymore in whatever we do. And unless you have a higher set of skills, you cannot compete. The American dream was Just a phase. I would even go as far as saying it is a Joke, because the original definition of the American dream is no longer achievable. This is supposed to be a balanced society. This is a dream that is supposed to give everyone an equal opportunity to pursue it. If you work hard, you are supposed to be able to achieve what you want and get the things that you wanted. But instead the world is filled with greediness.

People are not doing their Jobs because it is their passion, but because it is a quick buck. You can no longer do whatever you want to do, because you will always have to worry and ask yourself, “Will this Job pay the bills? ” Today we have billionaires living next to the homeless, the difference in wages and the cost of living makes it close to impossible to save the idea of this dream. The American dream is out of reach even to those who work hard. Unfortunately, the American dream has to be redefined at a more personal level. The fact is, you can be successful with little or nothing.

The American dream is a belief that each person has individually. There is not a concrete definition of the term American dream. It is used in many different ways across the globe. What may be your own personal dream may not be another’s. It is all a matter of attitude and desire. It is about sacrificing things, working hard, getting a decent amount of education and Just overall succeeding and living our lives happily. If being rich means success to you, then that is what you will strive for in order to accomplish “your” American dream, because after all, it is Just a dream.

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