Should Zoos exist?

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The ongoing debate concerning the adequacy of living conditions for animals in zoos is currently taking place. However, I have a different viewpoint and argue that zoos actually provide beneficial habitats for animals. In addition to helping conserve endangered species and preventing their extinction, they also educate visitors about various aspects of zoo-dwelling animals. Moreover, zoos serve as excellent destinations for both tourists and locals to explore. Regrettably, the rapid urban expansion of cities has resulted in the frequent destruction of animal habitats to make way for human necessities like hospitals, roads, and schools.

The destruction of certain areas leaves many species without a habitat or refuge. This is where zoos prove beneficial as they provide a suitable environment for animals that have lost their homes, particularly those facing extinction. A prime example is the giant eagle population in the United States several decades ago, which dwindled to a alarming 500 individuals. Without human assistance, their survival would have been extremely challenging.

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The US government implemented strategies to protect giant eagles and increase their population by relocating them to zoos. This decision resulted in positive outcomes, including a significant rise in the giant eagle population and preventing their extinction. Furthermore, zoos serve as essential educational institutions that provide individuals with a unique opportunity to learn about the behaviors of uncommon wildlife species they may not usually come across in their everyday lives. Additionally, zoos hold particular significance for children as they provide real-life demonstrations of the wild animals taught in schools.

Experiencing wild animals through pictures and movies alone may diminish children’s curiosity in learning about them. Conversely, witnessing these animals firsthand enables children to grasp their enormity, as seen in elephants, and marvel at the splendor of peacocks. Such encounters help children recognize the wondrous nature of our world with its distinct and varied animal species. Zoos additionally provide opportunities for children to observe uncommon and elusive creatures they would rarely come across, thereby enhancing their fascination with the natural world. Ultimately, zoos serve as exceptional tourist destinations.

For many individuals, particularly children, zoos are often their preferred tourist spots. Families commonly visit zoos during vacations to relax and observe animals that typically inhabit the wild, like elephants, lions, and tigers. As a child, I used to eagerly await visits to the zoo in order to encounter extraordinary animals not found elsewhere. Throughout my childhood and into adulthood, we have consistently made trips to zoos. Over time, these institutions have played a vital role in safeguarding numerous species and shielding them from the risk of extinction.

There are those who claim that zoos modify animal behavior by taking them away from their natural habitats, but I hold a different view. In my opinion, zoos fulfill a specific role in our environment. Despite animals being confined to enclosures, I see this as a positive aspect since they receive care and respect. Zoos offer a secure sanctuary for animals, shielding them from the hazards of a world that frequently places human interests above those of other beings who coexist with us on Earth.

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