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Should Zoos exist?

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    There are many people now days who argue that zoos are not a good place for animals to live in. I believe the contrary. I think that Zoos are a good place to have animals living in, not only because it is a place that helps keep endangered species out of extinction, but because it also educates the people on many things about the animals who live in zoos, and it also is a good place for tourists and people to visit. With cities getting larger every day, it is so common to see people destroying the habitat of animals to satisfy human needs like new hospital, roads, schools, and such.

    When these kinds of things are done, many species that lived in the now destroyed areas do not have a place to live or to go. That is when I think zoos come in handy. Zoos are a very suitable place to have animals that do not have a place to live, especially the animals that are in danger of being extinct. A good example would be here in the U. S. about a few decades ago when the number of individuals of giant eagle decreased alarmingly. In some period, the number of giant eagles left in the world was only around 500. It was very hard for them to survive without human assistance.

    In this concern, the US government decided to take them into zoos to protect them, and used some methods to increase its population. The result was very good, after a period of time, giant eagle population increased significantly and now they are no longer in risk of extinction. Zoos also play an important role in education. Zoos are the places where people can learn about habits of wild animals that they probably never see in the real life. Zoos are even more important to children because these are places where children can see live examples of wild animals that they learn in school.

    If children only see wild animals in pictures or movies, they may feel bored about studying them, but if they can see by their own eyes, see how big and strong an elephant is for example or how beautiful a peacock is, they will realize that the world is a wonderful place with very distinct and different kinds of animals, and when they are able to see those animals that would be almost impossible to see if it was not for zoos, they become more interested in learning about the environment. Lastly, zoos are really good places for tourists.

    Actually, with many people, especially children, zoos are their favorite tourist destinations. In many vacations, many people take their families to visit zoos. They feel really relaxed when they can see animals that usually live in the wild such as elephants, lions and tigers. For example, when I was a child I would get really excited to go to the zoo to see the unique animals that I would not see anywhere else but the zoo. We have been going to zoos since we were kids. They have been around for many years and I believe they have helped keep many different species out of the risk of extinction.

    There are the ones who argue that zoos only make the animals turn into something they are not because of them not being in their natural habitat, but I believe that is not true. I believe zoos have a very unique purpose on the environment. They do keep animals in cells but I do not see that as being wrong because they are treated with love, respect, and are there so they can be kept out of risk of this crazy world that only cares about the well being of humans and forget about the animals that are also a part of this world.

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    Are zoos good yes or no?
    That captivity can be REALLY bad for both physical AND psychological health. And while zoos have been really helpful is saving endangered animals, it doesn't work out for certain species. For example, most large carnivores like lions and tigers that are bred in captivity die when released into the wild.
    Should zoos not exist?
    As a result of inadequate space, food, water, and veterinary care, animals in zoos often suffer from debilitating health problems, and most die prematurely. The vast majority of species kept in zoos are not endangered.
    Why do people think zoos should not exist?
    Zoos should not exists because they don't meet the physical and emotional needs of animals, Zoos take animals from their natural habitat and they are not treated right and Zoos are not able to protect the animals in extreme circumstances. Zoos don't meet the physical and emotional needs of animals.

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