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A Competency Framework that Defines the Competency Elements Required for Effective Project Management

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  • Pages 2
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    Using the knowledge and experience of project management practitioners from across UK academia and industry, the Association for Project Management (APM) developed a competency framework which defined competence elements needed for effective project management (APM Competence Framework; 2008).

    The primary benefits of using the APM Competence Framework are that it ensures a common understanding of the competences required which enables the individual project manager to assess individual competence level against a framework aligned with an international standard.

    Furthermore, it enables employers to come up with a corresponding judgment with respect to PM competence of employees at all levels towards identification of corporate training and developmental needs (APM Competence Framework; 2008).

    The AIPM, on the other hand, gives more attention to the Project manager’s expected competency in different levels in each of the 9 areas; skills and attitudes are not covered (Australian Institute of Project Management ; 2002).

    The Three Domains of the APM Competence Framework and the difference between the two standards are indicated in the tables below:

    • Technical Competence (TC)
    • Behavioural Competence (BC)
    • Contextual Competence (CC)
    • TC01 Concept
      BC01 Communication
    • CC01 Project sponsorship
    • TC02 Project success and benefits management
      BC02 Teamwork
    • CC02 Health, safety and environmental management
    • TC03 Stakeholder management
      BC03 Leadership
    • CC03 Project life cycles
    • TC04 Requirements management
      BC04 Conflict management
    • CC04 Project finance and funding
    • TC05 Project risk management
      BC05 Negotiation
    • CC05 Legal awareness
    • TC06 Estimating
      BC06 Human resource management
    • CC06 Organisational roles
    • TC07 Business Case
      BC07 Behavioural characteristics
    • CC07 Organisation structure
    • TC08 Marketing and sales
      BC08 Learning and development
    • CC08 Governance of project management
    • TC09 Project reviews
      BC09 Professionalism and ethics
    • TC10 Definition
    • TC11 Scope management
    • TC12 Modeling and testing
    • TC13 Methods and procedures
    • TC14 Project quality management
    • TC15 Scheduling
    • TC16 Resource management
    • TC17 Information management and reporting
    • TC18 Project management plan
    • TC19 Configuration management plan
    • TC20 Change control
    • TC21 Implementation
    • TC22 Technology management
    • TC23 Budgeting and cost management
    • TC24 Procurement
    • TC25 Issue management
    • TC26 Development
    • TC27 Value management
    • TC28 Earned value management
    • TC29 Value engineering
    • TC30 Handover and closeout


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    A Competency Framework that Defines the Competency Elements Required for Effective Project Management. (2017, Feb 10). Retrieved from

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