The Columbine Tragedy Effects on Evidences and Victims

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The Columbine tragedy has struck another victim last week. If all thoughts were that the tragedy was behind us, no one has considered the effects of the massacre. A student that was injured in the massacre was making progress on recovering, when backlash from the tragedy struck. Her Mother committed suicide in respect to what the tragedy has done to her life and her families life as well. This is the effect that the event has spawned, more pain and more suffering.

On looking at this case, we can glean the knowledge that all of our actions create an effect. Eventually all of our effects catch up with us be it through outward forces or within ourselves. Being humans that are always in contact with others, we have an inherent right to respect the fact that what we do has a bearing on those around us. The impact of the columbine tragedy is still being felt and will continue to do so for some time. Every time a student expects to see their friend in the hallway that was murdered, the effect is felt. Every day a child that was injured looks in the mirror and sees someone other that themselves, the effect is felt. As the children that caused this tragedy watch their futures become more deluded with pain and suffering, the effect is felt. A day that changed the course of peoples lives and will continue to for the rest of their lives.

We as humans have to learn to respect to fact that we are so very important in the lives of others. The effects are the same in situations where bad outweighs the good and where good outweighs the bad. The effect will continue to be felt when you teach a child something new, help someone in need, or just showing someone you care. The good will stay with these people and hopefully the effect will be them helping others on your behalf. Influencing a person with the power of kindness can in turn make them do the same. As much as violence is prevalent today, goodness still exists and is very contagious.

To know the powers of our actions is the first step in helping others though our actions and ourselves.


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