Bowling for Columbine

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Brent was expelled from school because he pulled a mm on a kid. Do’s name was upon a list of the most dangerous, and most likely to bomb after the Columbine attack. He made this list because he has made several little bombs, and owns a book called “The Anarchists Cookbook” that shows step by step how to make bombs. Lastly, John Nichols shows how violent Americans can be. He sleeps with a 44 magnum under his pillow, and cocked the gun to his temple while showing it off to Moore. John is nicknamed radical and a wild man because of his behavior, and his speculated assistance with the Oklahoma Federal Building bomb attack.

All three of these examples prove that American’s love their guns, and depend on them for person security, and destruction. Cause and Effect: Moore effectively uses a cause and effect approach to the school shootings that were discussed in this film. After the Columbine Massacre there were masses of people rioting gains the NORA finally realizing that guns are very dangerous, and should not be Just handed out to anybody willing to learn how to shoot. High schools increased their security, and provided anger management lasses and seminars teaching students how to take out their anger in non violent ways.

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In the case of the Bell Elementary tragedy, people became aware of what violence is doing to their sweet innocent children. No 6 year old should know how to use a gun, or should have access to one. These two tragedies caused a major positive effect on peoples attitude toward guns, and making citizens think twice before buying a gun, or allowing their children to be exposed to such hate. Comparison and Contrast: Canada and the United States are unbarring countries, and often compared and contrasted to each other. Moore interviews people that state that there is little violence in Canada, and tons in the United States.

They believes Canadians tease and use words to fight their battles, not guns. American citizens believe that Canadians do not watch the same amount of violent movies as them, and that there is little to no poverty in Canada. Both of those statements are untrue. Canadians watch a lot of the same movies as Americans do, and there is a higher unemployment rate in Canada than the United States. Comparing and contrasting these two powerful countries is very bold because we are similar in ways, ND different in others. Canada and the US are very well known countries and are often slummed together even though the views are different. . The first section to this film is gun violence, and violence in the United States. Evidence in this section to support the thesis is how easily accessible it was for Moore to get a gun into his hands. Also it is suggested that most homes in the United States have guns at disposal, ready to fire if there is an intruder. More targeted evidence is through John Nichols. John sleeps with a gun under his pillow, and was allegedly involved in the Oklahoma federal building attack. This shows a very angry man, with a gun and a bomb, acting out aggressively if and when things do not go as planned.

John explains that the 2nd amendment allows him to have a fully loaded gun at his side whenever he chooses. At any moment any citizen of the United States could snap and shoot an innocent bystander because they have the weapons they need, and the anger of a woken up bear. The second section to this film is the Columbine massacre in relations to Marilyn Manson, and the Bell elementary shooting with the fear of black people. These two tragedies are the emotional appeal that very strongly supports the thesis. Columbine happened because two angry, non social able kids took their aggression and anger out in a poor way.

It is speculated that the massacre could have been avoided if violence was not so prevalent in the United States, and a way of the culture. Once citizens heard that Erik and Dylan, the killers of Columbine listened to Marilyn Manson, they suddenly blamed the rock singer because he is different and a symbol of fear. Columbine did not happen because rock music made the boys aggressive, abbey it happened because the United State’s government is very sneaky and very violent. Kids are learning not Just from parents, but from political leaders as well, as their ads and campaigns flood the televisions.

Bell elementary was another tragedy. A 6 year old boy shot a 6 year old girl. One should know there is something wrong in the world when a 6 year old knows what a gun is, and how it is used. Clearly the poverty that surrounds Flint, Michigan where the shooting happened influences the children to participate in gang, and criminal behavior. The final section to this film takes a deep look into the welfare to work program, and the Columbine victims. In this previous section, the 6 year old boy who shot a girl in his class was suffering from poverty.

His mother was involved in a welfare to work program where she was bussed 80 miles out of town to Auburn Hills to work as a bartender and fudge maker to pay off her welfare checks. Because the mother is always working, the child is growing up basically without any rules, and not being taught what is right from wrong. Another sub section to this main section is the illumine victims. This plays a vital role in the film because Smart decides to not sell anymore hand gun ammunition because of the victims who came to speak with high ranking business personal in the Smart company.

This installs a sense of hope, hope for a better world, a better country. If Smart stops selling bullets, they will be harder to find, and people are lazy so they will Just chuck the gun in the basement and never see it again. Well that is the hope. Development: -Guns are easily accessible. – Laws are set in place requiring that every citizen must have a gun. – Poverty/ employment – Evening news in American is all negative, all about murders and crime- 1 in 5 Americans suffer from a mental disorder, yet the United States think they are the toughest, best country 2.

Example – In the beginning of this film, Moore goes into a bank, opens up account and receives a free gun. This is an example showing how easy it is for a normal everyday citizen so get their hands on a gun. Fact -In places like Utah and Virginia, it is required by law that citizens must own a gun. This is a fact that shows how gun violence can be influenced drastically because f a government is setting this law in place, it means the people think guns are not very dangerous. Emotional appeals -Seeing struggling families is a lot for one person to take in.

With all the poverty and unemployment in the United States citizens are resorting to stealing, and committing other crimes in order to support their families. This influences gun violence because desperate people bring it desperate measures. Stereotype -Americans have a stereotype of being gun lovers, heartless people. To go along with their stereotype they sit on their butts all day and watch television. On he TV all that plays is murder investigations, crimes, and tragedies happening around the country.

This contributes to the gun violence because the kids are learning about guns from the television. Statistic -Every 1 in 5 Americans suffer from a mental disorder. This contributes to gun violence because Americans think they are so high and mighty, and that they are not sick. Americans have too much pride to go to the doctor and get diagnosed. If a person leaves a mental disorder UN watched sadistic or violent behavior can show. This increases the gun violence because people with mental disorders do not always now what they are doing, or they are psychopaths and use guns to punish people.

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