Biology Evidences of Evolution

Fossils- fossils provide evidence of evolution because related organisms have similar but varied bone structures. Carbon dating and radioisotopes allow scientists to find when the rocks and fossils lived, allowing them to see how the organisms changed over time and adapted to new environments. * Embryology- many animals have an extremely similar embryological stage. Only trained professionals can tell the difference between the embryos of humans, fish, rabbits and birds.

Only once the embryos grow and develop do they start varying in their appearance. This revised evidence of evolution because it shows how almost identical embryos turn into completely different organisms. The more similar the embryo, the more closely related the organism is. * Comparative anatomy- states that organisms with similar structures must have come from a common ancestor. When two different species that have homologous structures, proves that they both evolved from the same species and adapted in order to survive. Geographical distribution- the theory different animals have different traits because of the environment where they live and are raised. This proves evolution because divergent evolution explains that when something happens to environment that threatens the species’ existence, they must all flee the area. The different areas have different effects on the species, causing it to adapt to the environment.

These birds eat leaves from the trees. One day, the humans decide to cut down all the trees. The vegetation is all gone and the birds have nothing left to eat. They must move to another location. Half of species A move to the desert and half move to the arctic. The birds that move to the desert adapt to that environment by changing the colour to a lighter brown or beige to camouflage ND start eating meat from decomposing animals. Meanwhile, the birds that move to the arctic turn white to camouflage and begin to eat fish.

This species has move to two different areas, and the birds in each area have evolved. Over millions of years, the birds changed into deterrent species . The birds that live in the desert are now known as species B and the birds that live in the arctic tundra are now referred to as species C. These two birds are still similar in structure and still share common qualities, but they are different species. We consider them related species, but we no longer consider them the same species.

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