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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (Cpsc)

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First of all we are committed to providing the latest, safest, most purposeful, learning toys. Our first responsibility is to all of children and we take that responsibility very seriously. I’d like you to be aware that one of our most popular products, has recently been clustered with the field of magnetic toys that pose a risk to children. A full understanding of the quality and composition of toys will help our customers make an informed decision in regards to the safety of this product.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (Cpsc)
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According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, numerous children have been seriously injured after swallowing magnetic toy components. These magnets have been reported to cause significant damage to bodily organs and even death. Magnetic construction toys are incredibly popular (not to mention fun), and I hope that this issue does prove to be very limited in its scope. In the meantime, while other manufacturers work to ensure the safety of their products, parents should show some extra due diligence.

Make sure that you are only giving these toys to children who meet the recommended age guidelines (usually 6 and up). As you know the embedded magnets in these older models detach because they are uncapped. The plastic around uncapped magnets looks flat and is at the same level as the magnet. The full surface of the magnet is exposed. The safer capped magnets, which were produced after the recall, are held in by a rim of plastic. This plastic cap rises above the level of the magnet and contains the magnet from above.

If a child swallows or inhales more than one detached magnet, the magnets can attach to each other internally, causing potentially fatal intestinal perforations and blockages or serious lung injuries. Emergency surgery is required to remove at last refer to the today’s articles about our product I really concern about the company and ask you to replacing the product on retail shelves. If the CEO didn’t pay any attention, what would you do? If my CEO didn’t pay attention to my concerns and warning, refer to the CPSC rules ill report the bad quality of the products.

And then try to give some tips for the safety of the children to their parents from the media. Actually ill do as a whistleblower for Mega brands company. What is whistleblower? In US employment law, a whistle blower is an employee who reports illegal activities of the employer. Various acts and statutes afford protection to the whistle blower against employer retaliation. Special whistle blower acts also protect specific groups such as federal government employees and members of the military.

Collectively these are called whistle blower laws. From the investors perspective, a credible whistle blower may signal that there are serious management issues at a firm, which could create significant liabilities. The whistle blower, however, is typically protected even if the allegation proves false, as long as the whistle blower believed the reported activity was illegal. Whistle blower claims that come to light must therefore be evaluated with care. The term whistle blower is sometimes written as one word, whistleblower.

Refer to Consider the year 2004: In that year, according to the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an estimated 210,300 toy-related injuries were treated in U. S. hospital emergency rooms. Of those, 35 percent (72,800) involved kids under 5. You may want to observe these guidelines when choosing toys, and share them with anyone who may be buying gifts for your children. Defiantly the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) should have more and more power to prevent the companies for produce such a dangerous and deadly toys like this.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) must be very strict about their rules and laws, specifically, before production and manufacture a toy or any hazard instruments and facilities. Before any companies selling their products they should send a sample to CPSC for testing and assurance them of good quality. If any of the products comes out and doesn’t have the standards of CPSC, they should strictly recall the products and fine the company for their anomalistic and non-conventional toys. The penalties should be serious fine, Prevention of production and shutting down he factory.

Recalls are a solution of last resort. Once products are in consumers’ homes, few consumers hear about the recall or are able to take the products out of their homes. The better solution is to ensure that products are safe before they reach our stores and our shores. In addition, the CPSC recently released its quarterly historical summary of all recalls. The increase suggests strongly that what the toy industry called “last year’s problem” remains a big problem, and underscores the urgent need for Congress to finish action on a strong CPSC Reform Act before August recess of this year.

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