The Dinosaurs Cloning Technique

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A wealthy individual has successfully devised a method to replicate dinosaurs, utilizing the DNA that his team of brilliant scientists can extract from remains. By cultivating the dinosaurs within laboratories, he safeguards them on an island enclosed by electric fences. This island, named Isle Nublar, located off the west coast of Costa Rica, serves as a theme park where visitors from all over the world can marvel at these extraordinary creatures from ancient times.

In the book, a group of scientists from different fields are invited by a billionaire developer named John Hammond to visit Jurassic Park, an island filled with dinosaurs that he created using his resources. However, things go wrong when a worker on the island betrays them and shuts down the power. The main characters in the book include John Hammond, a wealthy grandfather who dies in the story due to being attacked by a Procompsognathus, a dinosaur. Another character is Dr. Alan Grant, a renowned paleontologist who agrees to visit Jurassic Park but is surprised to discover that it is home to several dinosaurs. This differs from the movie version where Dr.

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Grant is fond of children in the story, and he is also depicted with a beard. Dr. Ellie Sattler, a Paleobotinist, is one of the initial individuals to visit Jurassic Park.

There is a variety of characters in the story: Tim, the 11-year-old grandson of John Hammond, who has a keen interest in computers and a love for Dinosaurs; Alexis, his 7-year-old tomboy sister, who is passionate about baseball; and Ian Malcom, a mathematician who utilizes “Chaos Theory” to foresee catastrophic outcomes.

In Jurassic Park, he exclusively dons black and gray attire and is seemingly deceased. Yet, in the sequel, The Lost World, he mysteriously reemerges. Another significant character is Dennis Nedry, the computer prodigy responsible for unleashing chaos in Jurassic Park due to his greed and ambition. Although numerous other characters played important roles in the book, these two individuals were particularly noteworthy as the plot heavily centered around them.

The characters in the movie and the book exhibit significant discrepancies. The characters, along with their roles and personalities, portray many contrasts, to the extent that even Tim and Lex have reversed characteristics. The book commences with dinosaurs escaping from the island, while John Hammond extends an invitation to a group of scientists to visit the park.

He also includes his grandchildren, as Denis Nedry accepted a bribe from a rival company to secure Dinosaur DNA samples. To ensure his getaway, he shuts down all power, including the electric fences. This book holds ample significance within its pages.

Initially, the book offered me essential information concerning DNA, encompassing its significance as the basis of life and its capacity for cloning. Furthermore, it acquainted me with diverse scientific fields such as paleontology, paleobotany, and mathematics by means of the scientists who came to the island. From a subjective standpoint, I genuinely relished reading this outstanding book.

The film was enjoyable, although the book had a profound and enduring impact on me. It may be better to view it as a recreational pursuit rather than an academic obligation. This approach allows you to read at your own pace, given its significant length. Bibliography:

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