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The Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie Review

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  • Pages 3
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    After seeing this animated movie, it really had some good qualities for a movie that came out in 2009. Before this movie from Wes Anderson was made, it was based on a book by Roald Dahl. This movie is one of the best-selling & one of the greatest movies ever seen by children. The director actually makes this movie a family type of movie that everyone wants to watch at home. Kids would like this movie a lot better than most others, and parents will find this movie enjoyable as well.

    It also has great sound effects made by the characters especially when they do Mr. Fox’s famous sound, the “click click & whistle” noise after the fox say’s his smart plans he’s about to carry out. This movie is well recommended for all ages to watch it would specifically fit ages within from 2 through 12 years old. The name Fantastic Mr. Fox describes the whole movie, it was a well thought out name that fits ever scene and character in this story.

    This movie starts out like every other child’s favorite anima. Where the main characters are living in peace for years basically. Here are the main characters of the movie witch are Mr. and Mrs. Fox (the voices are played by George Clooney as Mr. Fox and Meryl Streep as Mrs. Fox. ) Ash (voice of Jason Schwartzman) & Kristofferson (voice of Eric Anderson. ) The movie is all about the group of these main characters and other animals coming together to fight these rich farmers for what is rightfully theirs.

    The “Fantastic Mr. Fox” movie basically starts like “Once there was happy a fox family who were living in peace. ” Mr. Fox (The Dad) goes and steals food in the dark from these rich farmers. Mrs. Fox (The Mom) she is like a stay at home mom while the dad goes out to work. Ash (The Son) he is the common child that all parents have in an animated movie. Ash is the typical teenager who doesn’t follow the rules at times and likes to risk things and him at anything.

    Mr. & Mrs. Fox’s nephew Kristofferson (Cousin of Ash) is the normal cousin where he/she is better at anything than their uncles and aunts kid. All of the problems that are made in the movie are caused by Mr. Fox for stealing other people’s supplies. So when the farmers Bean, Boggis & Bunce find out it was him. They make the animals to go underground in search for the responsible one. The music in the movie was a great fit for it. Not only because it’s a children’s animated movie but because it captures the feelings of the characters and every other action scene of it.

    Also the music is kind of like the music where it doesn’t make you feel sad or depressed it makes the viewer feel like, the kind of feeling where he/she just wants to laugh because the viewer is thinking like “wow” funny tune they have with it. From a rate 1 through 10, a 9 would be given to it because it was one of the funniest animated movies ever made since the year 2000. This movie is recommended to be watch by kids & adults; they will both find it enjoyable by both but mostly the kids. The teenagers today might not find it as interesting but maybe a few will like it.

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    Is the Fantastic Mr. Fox a good movie?
    Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the best animated films ever made. The script is masterfully crafted, the animation is beautiful and striking, and the voice talent is top notch.
    What did critics say about Fantastic Mr. Fox?
    Critic Reviews for Fantastic Mr. Fox. The animation is beautiful, the attention to detail is a thing of wonder... but the story is a mess, the script is banal and, as visually stunning as it all is, it just doesn't seem to have any kind of soul. 'Fantastic Mr.
    What is so great about Fantastic Mr. Fox?
    The visual style and animation is phenomenal and the script is wonderfully creative and funny. Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the best animated films ever made. The script is masterfully crafted, the animation is beautiful and striking, and the voice talent is top notch.
    What is the message of Fantastic Mr. Fox movie?
    The film delves into what it means to be a father and husband, and the relationships of this family. Foxy breaks the promise he made to his wife, and in doing so turns everyone's lives upside down, but it also forces him to look at himself, to acknowledge who he is.

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