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The Fijian Full Report Sample

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    1. 0 Case SummaryThis instance of ‘The Fijian Experience – The Tau Experience’ tells us about the quandary of Mr Bret Taylor. an American exile owner-manager of the well-known hotel Shangri-La Fijian Resort in Yanuka Island of Fiji on the Tau relationship between his possible director Moala and the new trainee waitress. Salome Suacake.

    The Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort ( FIJIAN ) is a universe international hotel and has a strong repute throughout the universe for more than 30 old ages old. It has 450 suites with more than 800 employees which most of them are from the autochthonal Fijians and had served for the hotel for more than 10 old ages. Alas. FIJIAN even has three coevalss of a household work in the hotel at the same time including Moala who was the first Fijian who was sponsored by the FIJIAN to Switzerland for his 3 old ages survey and keep an of import executive place in a 5 stared international hotel group.

    The quandary begins when Salome Suacake. an autochthonal Fijian was caught red-handed taking money from clients by Mr Brett Taylor. Harmonizing to Salome. she did it for church fiscal and non for herself. While at the same clip. Moala could non make anything because of his Tau relationship with Salome and he has to maintain it unopen and make-believe nil is incorrect. Mr Brett Taylor is confronting the quandary of a Cross – Cultural direction in this instance whereby he has to take action to both his right-handed. dedicated director. Moala and the trainee Salome by sing on the local imposts and patterns without being unjust to the other staff and maintain strict to the regulations. 2. 0 Problem Statement

    In this instance of FIJIAN. the Tau relationship local usage they belief has bound Moala from taking any action towards Salome because his ascendants owed Salome’s ascendants a debt and Salome can make as she please to Moala as the hotel where they are working considered as Moala’s place. If this continues. it will impact the FIJIAN’s credibleness and professionalism in managing the direction. production every bit good as the public presentation of the hotel itself and the staff behavior towards their work. The chief job of the instance survey is concerned about the Cross-cultural Management Conflict that has occurred due to the fraud offense made by the trainee staff. 2. 1 List of Problems & A ; Symptoms:

    ( a ) Salome Suacake commits fraud – For the first two months. she works with dedicative mode and performs good until the 3rd month she started to misconduct and steal customer’s money. Rumors has been spread but no one take any action because of no cogent evidence of her making that until she was caught red-handed by Mr Brett Taylor himself. ( B ) Moala Tukana’s soundless action – Knowing Salome’s misbehavior on stealing customer’s money. he remains soundless and pretended he knew nil. After he was suspended by Mr Brett Taylor. He admits his error for non taking any action towards Salome even after he knew Salome’s misbehavior as he was bounded with their usage belief in ‘Tau Relationship’ . Harmonizing to the rare and unknown belief. he is Salome’s Tau ( a individual commited by the ascendants to back up her ) and this bond is unbreakable because his ascendants owed Salome’s ascendant a debt. ( degree Celsius ) Salome Suacake’s slippery action – Salomes act innocently in stealing the customer’s money because for her she is non stealing for herself but for her village’s church constructing fiscal and utilizing the ‘Tau Relationship’ as an alibi by taking advantage towards Moala’s place.

    She knew Moala is her Tau and could non perchance take any action and ailment about her. ( vitamin D ) Mr Brett Taylor’s Dilemma – Mr Brett Taylor is confronting the quandary in determination devising particularly towards his right – handed director. Moala Tukana. His determination right now is affecting the professionalism of his staff in work field and the local usage issue. He needs to do a right determination which will non ache the Fijian as this is a really sensitive issue but at the same clip his determination must besides be steadfast and just for the FIJIAN’s credibleness and equity so the staffs will non be able to reiterate the same offense or error. ( vitamin E ) Local Traditional Custom – The ‘Tau Relationship’ has become the chief cause of Salome’s offense. Autochthonal Fijians are bonded strongly to their customary patterns. We can see in this instance from the Hotel Staff Union who appealed on behalf of Salome and back up her by stating she is non incorrect because she is making it for her village’s church constructing fiscal. The local traditional usage that they are bounded in has made them blind in spliting their work life professionaly. 3. 0 Alternative Strategies & A ; Evaluations

    ( a ) Fired Salome SuacakeMr Brett Taylor may happen its difficult to fired Salome as the ground she steals was because to assist funding the edifice of church in her small town and apart from that Salome showed a good public presentation during her first two months working at FIJIAN. However as a just and wise owner-manager he has to do the determination of firing Salome as it is the best manner for her instance. Stealing or fraud is the most sensitive and large issue to any organisation in this universe as an organisation requires a trusty and unity employees or staffs to work for them for the interest of the credibleness and public presentation of one organisation so Mr Brett Taylor can non take any hazard towards giving opportunities to Salome. Evaluation scheme ( a ) :

    Positive: Mr Brett will still hold his right-handed helper director Maola. and Moala can execute his work back on path as he is no longer bounded to the tie of ‘Tau Relationship’ with Salome. Other staffs will look it as a lesson to be learned non to take any advantage from their traditional usage pattern in their work life to make such offense. Besides. Mr Brett Taylor will non lose his credibleness as a good and just owner-manager in work outing this cross-cultural direction job.

    Negative: Some of the employees might judge the determination of Mr Brett Taylor as being unjust particularly from the Hotel Union Staffs as they are appealed on behalf of Salome. Meanwhile on behalf on Salome. she might hold a job in seeking her hereafter calling in hotel industry particulary because of her bad repute of her fraud offense. ( B ) Formal Verbal & A ; Written Warning to Salome Suacake

    Stealing is a large offense for all organisation no affair what ground they give for stealing. For Salome’s instance. since in old record she has good public presentation and educated she should hold a one more opportunity in go oning her occupation in FIJIAN. Mr Brett Taylor has to speak to Salome and do her understand that her behavior is non accepted and is incorrect. A existent good account and reding to Salome is needed for she has to cognize that Mr Brett Taylor is serious in publishing her warning so she shall non reiterate the same error and has to do things right for a given clip. A probation should be implemented to oversee Salome’s behavior and public presentation and she should be terminated whenever she repeats the same offense once more. Evaluation Strategy ( B ) :

    Positive: Employees will be cognizant of their responsibility and will non blend their personal affair and work affair. The direction will besides aware of their staff behaviours from clip to clip to avoid things happened once more. A respectful and bonding is increased between the direction and staffs and will make a better public presentation in their workplace.

    Negative: Even Salome has received a 2nd opportunity. but she has created a bad record public presentation for herself from the direction record and is bad for her future calling if she intends to alter her calling Despite her ground of larceny is for the good of Church but still other organisation will hold uncertainties to accept her because of trust issues.

    ( degree Celsius ) Disciplinary Action towards Moala TukanaMoala Tukana should be suspended for a period of clip as he as the supervisor and helper director is besides has been misbehaved for non taking any action towards Salome even he knew that Salome is making offense. This will demo that the direction is serious in pull offing their staffs wrong making particularly in fraud. Staffs should cognize that fraud is a really serious affair and should non be ignored must be taken action for good and lesson for other staffs. At the same clip. direction should get down on a new ‘Code of Conduct’ of FIJIAN that is no injury and sensitive traditional usage should be pattern in the organisation. Since FIJIAN has other link hotel located at other topographic points in Fiji. Moala should be direct at that place after his suspension and work at that place for a period of clip. FIJIAN direction besides has to detain Moala’s publicity as a Manager. after all he must pay for his action. Evaluation Strategy ( degree Celsius ) :

    Positive: By suspending Moala. the well-known good leader and staff. it would be an oculus opener to other staffs that the direction is handling their employees fair and square therefore it would be a good lesson for every one non to reiterate the same error once more even bounded by the local usage belief. Negative: This scheme would somewhat ache Moala’s public presentation record in FIJIAN and it is difficult for him to derive the management’s trust towards him. He has to work hard after the suspension to turn out his credibleness back on path and non easy influence by the act of their traditional local usage pattern. On the other manus. FIJIAN will lost their best adult male that handles most of the state of affairs during Moala’s suspension period and his resettlement of workplace subsequently.

    ( vitamin D ) Make Moala Tukana & A ; Salome Suacake wage for the lossMr Brett Taylor must do them both pay back all the entire sum stole by Salome. It is their mistake at first for the misbehaving offense as the ‘Tau relationship’ made them. Even Moala was non the 1 who stole the money but because of he is Salome’s ‘Tau’ and his soundless action on Salome’s offense so he excessively shall pay for the loss together with Salome. However. the payback method does non intend that they have to pay back all in ball amount. It can be done by cutting off their salary every month until it is settled. In line with that. to do them non to reiterate the same error once more. they shall non be given any fillip or tips every bit good as allowance for that twelvemonth in response of their misbehaviour and offense. This should be remembered and cognizant by all of the staff. Evaluation of scheme ( vitamin D ) :

    Positive: With this scheme. all the staff will immediate take note and be excess aware of their actions because above all no one wants their salary. fillip. tips and allowance to be cut off for the whole twelvemonth. By the clip the actions been taken. all should cognize that the fraud offense is really serious and should non go on once more in the hereafter. Negative: It is traveling to be difficult for Salome and Moala to last for one whole twelvemonth without no fillip. tips and even allowance given plus with the cut off wage they have to confront because of their misbehavior towards the organisation. For Salome. she might desire to vacate from being the waitress at that place as she could non manage the emphasis and load of holding to pay all the loss as the ground of offense she has done was non for herself but for the Church.

    4. 0 The Best Strategy and JustificationThe best scheme for this instance would be from the scheme ( a ) which is fired Salome Suacake. If we look farther into other schemes particularly suspending Moala Tukana. it would merely been for a period of clip and Salome will still be at that place by the clip Moala comes back. No 1 knows if Salome might reiterate her misbehavior and take advantage on Moala once more because he is her ‘Tau’ . After all. Mr Brett Taylor can non afford to lose Moala is he terminates him but take the hazard of retain Salome in the organisation.

    Mr Brett Taylor has known Moala for a long clip better than Salome. so even if he gives Salome a 2nd opportunity and do them pay the loss from the offense she had done it would be non plenty for action taken as the nature of people. we can non vouch that they will non reiterate the same error once more as we know harmonizing to the custome the ‘Tau Relationship’ is unbreakable and between Moala and Salome. Moala is much more cherished to the organisation.

    Apart from that. by firing Salome the ‘Tau Relationship’ can be avoided and Moala would non be bounded and tied up any longer to Salome. It is good to fire Salome in her early stage of working in the organisation because if they let her remain it could be worst in the hereafter. proven that she has no good work ethic and duty when she involved Moala by taking advantage on him as her tau and gave the alibi of her offense is for the Church edifice finance non for herself.

    Last but non least. this incident will be treated as an oculus opener and moral values to the other staffs particularly the autochthonal Fijian to non reiterate the same errors by affecting their local usage pattern for their offense. Besides they will non hold the bravery to put on the line their occupation by making cockamamie offense and stop up losing their occupation as the direction particularly Mr Brett Taylor will non digest with that sort of error as happened to Salome. This besides shows that Mr Brett Taylor is a just yet wise owner-manager in work outing this instance affair.

    5. 0 Execution5. 1 Short Term Implementation( a ) Issue warning towards Moala Tukana & A ; Salome SuacakeWarning should hold been issued to both Moala & A ; Salome for their soundless action and misbehaved offense. They shall non reiterate their error even when under force per unit area of being tied up in local usage pattern. A broken of moralss for the same error shall take to expiration. ( B ) Disciplinary action towards Moala as the Supervisor and Assistant Manager Moala should be suspended in order for him to gain that the direction is really serious towards him being soundless and non taking any action to Salome’s offense. He should cognize that the direction will non digest for any unethical offense and action even he is the right-handed adult male in the organisation. ( degree Celsius ) Avoid enrolling excessively many blood-relation in organisation By making this. delusory behavior will non happen and the direction should get down on rearrange the staffs organisation and occupation agenda particularly to those blood related. Conflict of involvement besides can be avoided by implementing this to the organisation. ( vitamin D ) Introducing Counsel & A ; Performance Department

    The organisation should get down implement a new section specialized in advocate and oversee employees public presentation based on rating. activities and advocate session. This section is responsible in forming a bonding activities to the staffs so the staffs feel so near to each other can speak about their jobs and non maintain it for themselves as what happened to Salome. If merely she had speak up. the staffs might make some activities for the intent of funding the church non by stealing.

    5. 2 Long Term Implementation( a ) Develop a new ‘Code of Conduct’The organisation should develop a new codification of behavior sing the moralss of work. The staffs should be given a brief explaination towards the codification of behavior and work proper moralss that they should follow. In the new codification of behavior excessively the organisation should foreground that no local traditional usage is practised in the organisation which can be harmful and give negative side effects to the organisation particularly the ‘Tau Relationship’ . A work life balance should be implemented in the new codification of behavior excessively as to do certain the staffs will non blend their personal beliefs into their work environment. ( B ) Leadership Training

    The organisation particularly the Human Resource squad should on occasion supply preparation to the staffs particularly to the executive staff. Moala peculiarly. To be a leader should cognize how to pull off his squad good without blending personal and work affair. In this instance. Moala should larn how to pull off people’s behaviors professionally particularly to his staff under his supervising. This preparation will assist him in covering his jobs more ethically and professionally than maintain submerging in his traditional cultural life style. Keeping quiet on someone’s errors will merely promote more people into perpetrating the same offense.

    6. 0 DecisionIn decision. most autochthonal Fijian are still strongly bounded to their local traditional usage pattern even the rare one like ‘Tau Relationship’ . In this instance the Cross-cultural Management struggle has occurred because this local beliefs has become the symptom and lead towards fraud offense ensuing in loss. A just yet wise action is needed to face and work out this instance in order to avoid the same struggle to be happened once more in the hereafter.

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