The Government Should Take Steps to Control Population

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It also talks about the disadvantage of population control that a country will advance into an aging society, but according to the research, the problems of an aging society can be loved through raising the employment rate. This research uses some evidence such as China and Nigeria to suggest that the government should control population growth. In conclusion, It points out that we cannot access a healthy society without population control. The Government Should Take Steps to Control Population Growth There are today 6. 5 billion population in the world, six times more than in 1800.

During the last 30 years, the world’s population has increased by 2. 4 billion. It means the population has haven an increase of 60%. With the rapid growth of population, a series of other problems have come up, so the government should take steps to control population in order to accelerate economic development, solve environmental issues, ease employment pressure and promote education level. Improving the economic status of a country is one reason why the government should stabilize population. Overpopulation will put a tremendous burden on a government.

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The government needs pay more attention to solve the problems that overpopulation brings to them, such as education, pension and traffic Issues. It means that the government must provide sufficient funds to deal with them. Moreover, overpopulation causes a decrease In per capita Income. Obviously, rapid population growth has a negative effect on economic growth. As we know, China has the largest population in the world, but China is the country of the fastest growing economies. This is attributed to China’s “one-child” policy, in which, having more than one child will be punished by fines. China’s “one-child” policy had helped prevent 400 million births since its inception, its Total Fertility Rate (TFH) had come to match those of more developed countries. Along with the decline in TFH, China has the second largest GAP (based on purchasing-power parity) and is expected to replace the US to become the first by the year 2020 with a consistent growth rate of 10% per year,” states Prime Naked (201 2), PhD, professor of marketing at the Marxist College School of Management. The Implementation of this policy has proved that population control Is essential for a country’s economic growth.

Depopulation Is an effective method to prevent environmental degradation and resource depletion. With the that the less resource they will have and the more pollution they will produce. The fastest and cheapest method to solve that is population control. In ” The Effects of Population Growth in Nigeria”, Aromas Theodore (2006) says that Insignia’s total primary energy consumption has more than doubled since 1980 and a moderate-to- high concentration of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide were released into the atmosphere owing to its continuing population boom.

Theodore points out that population growth is the key factor to the negative effects of Insignia’s environment, so he thinks that Nigeria should learn the birth rate control policies from China, Russia, and Hungary etc. And it will be beneficial to the environment of Nigeria. The example of Nigeria reminded the government that the environment will become worse without population control. If a government does not control the population growth, the society will not offer adequate Jobs to meet the population growth.

When a country’s population grows rapidly, it can slow down its economic development, so the economic growth rate will not catch up with the population growth rate. This means that the society cannot create enough employment opportunities for people. Thus, overpopulation is a main factor to lead to more and more unemployment. According to Motor Rich (201 1), the economy needs to add bout 150,000 Jobs a month Just keep up with normal population growth. Rich also points out that 14. 1 million people cannot find Jobs, and 6. Million of them lost Jobs more than 6 months ago. The above statistics suggest that our pace of development is far behind the rate of population growth, and a huge number of people are facing the difficulty in finding Jobs. Thus, the employment situation is not optimistic without the government’s population control steps. Making more children have educational opportunities can be achieved through Controlling population growth, Similar to Job opportunities, educational resources are also limited.

If the population grows rapidly in a country, this country need provide their children with more educational resource, which will take a lot of finance to support. According to Action Aid, more than 100 million children cannot study in the school, and solving this problems need an extra $10 billion a year (as cited in Robin Sotto, 2011, Para. 6). It is difficult for the governments to support too much money, especially in developing countries. Therefore, the government should move the focus to controlling population.

It is an efficient way to increase the proportion of educated population. China as an example, according to UNESCO (2010), In contrast to the 22% of gross enrollment ratios in pre- primary education in 1991, in 2010 about 60% of children were enrolled in pre- primary school in China. That is a great improvement. It proves that a country is able to achieve universal education through controlling population. Although some experts point out that population control will make a country advance into an aging society, the benefits of population control can solve the problems of an aging society. He population of young people will be reduced because of population control, which means that the proportion of old people will increase. In 2010, there were 110 million people 65 and above in China; by 2030, the number will increase by more than 100 million, according to United Nations (as cited in Deirdre Morris, 2012, Para. 4). Naked discusses the problems in an aging society that fewer young people will be left to pay taxes and pension for the elderly, so he points out that China’s pension system is in population grew from 66 percent of China’s total population in 1990 to more than 72 percent in 2010 (as cited in Morris, Para. ). It means that more people have gotten heir Jobs, and they can create more wealth for the society. Thus, the government has enough taxes income to support its pension system. An aging society is not a big problem in a country with population control. Aside form the government policies, some people think that when a country’s population will reduce when it becomes an Industrialized country, so there is no need for the government to control population. Ere former is true, “in the nearest future, the average annual rate of population Change will decrease by 0. 0% in developed countries”, states Igor Belabored 2010), PhD, director of Demographic Research Institute (Moscow). But that does not mean that there is no need for the government to control population. It is a long process for a developing country to achieve industrialization. For example, the US used about 100 years to become an industrialized country. Thus, it is unrealistic for a developing country to stabilize its population without government population control policies. To sum up, a healthy society cannot be attainable without efforts to curb population growth.

In Michael Marmot’s report to World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy society was defined, in which the social, economic, and environmental determinants of health need be so arranged that basic human needs are met, the available resources are shared more rather than less equally, and resources are delivered without overusing the limited environmental goods available to us (as cited in Sotto, Para. 2). According to Sotto, making everyone have access to appropriate resources is very expensive, and it is virtually impossible to reach that goal.

Therefore, we must move our attention to the direction of population control, which doesn’t required a lot of capital input. Our government should control population growth in order to achieve a healthy society. References Naked, P. (2012). China’s “one-child” policy: the time for change is now. World future review, 4(2), 134-140. Retrieved from http://shies. Boycotts. Com/ des/petrified/ housewifeliness&vivid=4&hid=15 Naked introduces China’s one-child policy, and the implementation of this policy in terms of population controlled and economy transformed.

At the same time, he points out problems that Chinese have to face in the future, that include demographic, social, economic and political. Finally Naked thinks that it is time for China to change direction to the improvements of skilled labor, infrastructure, pension and health-care. He says that maintaining this policy is no longer adapted to the development of China. This article is reliable, because the author is a professor of marketing at the Marxist College School of Management. He listed the data from authoritative sources to make us convinced.

He also analyzed the influence of China’s one-child policy from multiple perspectives to support his opinion. However, I disagree with his argument that maintaining one-child policy is no longer adapted to the development of China, because this policy was not the factor causing the problems that he told us, in fact, China’s society problems are caused by multiple factors such as regional traditions and historical issues. Although this source is helpful to my research. My argument is that the government should be responsible for maintaining population control, so China’s population control policy is very nice example for my research.

Then, Theodore talks about the effects of population growth in Nigeria in terms of energy consumption, carbon emission, air pollution and human congestion. Finally, Theodore points out that population growth is the key factor to the negative problems of Insignia’s environment. At the same time, he thinks that Nigeria should learn the birth rate intro policies from China, Russia, and Hungary etc. And it will be beneficial to the environment of Nigeria. This article is reliable, because the author is a professor of Department of Environment Science of China University of Consciences.

This university is one of the most famous universities in China. Moreover, this article was published in an academic Journal. The author used some data and diagrams to make AS convinced. The data comes from an authoritative source, so it is credible. But the author Just talked about the environmental issues, he didn’t consider some social problems that population growth has brought to Nigeria. Thus, this article didn’t analyze the effects of population growth from multiple perspectives. This source is helpful to my research, because this article told us about the negative effects of population growth.

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