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Topic sentences about love

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The Great Gatsby is the story of Jay Gatsby narrated by Nick Caraway, the neighbor. The story shows different themes throughout the movie like greed, power betrayal and justice. It also shows a vivid peek Of the American life in the 1 0205. The lives of the characters revolve around the mysterious Gatsby which give the story an unexpected outcome. The only thing known at the beginner of the film about the mysterious Gatsby was that he had an “extraordinary gift for hope”.

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Topic sentences about love
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The hope being related to love, just like a lot of there films it was intriguing to see how it involved the rest Of the characters. Gatsby believed that if he was TABLE to obtain what he wanted so badly, he would live happily ever after. Having the power would help him achieve such thing, with the surprisingly help of guy named Nick Caraway. He happened to be Gatsby neighbor and just like many people in the city Of New York he was curious to see the great and famous Gatsby.

Nick had moved to New York City to learn the bond business.

Honest, reserve and willing to listen to whoever needed it. Having his house next to the enormous mansion of Gatsby made him wonder, what he was like, what he did and why so much extravagant parties. Surprisingly he received an invitation to a Gatsby ‘ s party where their friendship started and he happened to be the best helper to keep that gift of hope in order to reach his goal. The goal had a name Daisy Buchanan who was Nick’s cousin. It’s safe to say that Nick Caraway had first the row and the whole story was told entirely through his eyes giving the Story his own ideas and perceptions.

The gift Of hope for the great Gatsby was the lovely and beautiful Daisy Buchanan the woman he was deeply in love with. They both had met years back before Gatsby was sent to war, unfortunately the circumstances separated them and the need to be loved made Daisy married Tom Buchanan before Jay returned from the war. She was force to live with a man that was unfaithful but the high social life made her put up with such a thing. Her social status seemed to be more important than her dignity; she was intended to be with a wealthy man.

Gatsby had lied to her about coming from a rich family, when they first met, and since she didn’t wait for him, she sure found herself someone, Tom. Besides the strong love Gatsby felt for Daisy he was determine to see her again, con rue her, and show her that in fact he was rich. He was determine to do whatever it took in order to be the man Daisy deserve to be with and who would give her anything she wanted. Gatsby wanted to win Daisy back. His wealth was Obtain through criminal activities, that’s how he was TABLE to have a huge mansion ironically a lake it’s the only obstacle separating him from Daisy house.

He could see the light of Daisy’ s dock which kept his hope of seeing her again. Finally the day Gatsby and Daisy met was just the start for something unexpected. Their reunion just created mistrust issues between friends, Tom, Nick and Gatsby. The story ended tragically, Gatsby was killed, as well as Tom ‘s lover. Before Gatsby death Daisy found out the origin and the illicit activities he was involved in. The situations made Nick felt the need to move away, from the people surrounding his life.

It was an unfortunate and unexpected end of the great film that showed the rich American life at the time. But even though the end was not what I expected since the beginning of the movie it gets the viewer hooked. Believe that the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” can be applied to this story. I think that even if Gatsby and Daisy had a chance to be together their ambition for money and social status would not have let them pursuit a happy ending. The film just goes to show you that in those times individualism and wealth was much more important than anything else.

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