Theme of Reality and Illusion in The Great Gatsby

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Even though he was surrounded by a lot of people, he was isolated in himself, always stood apart and very sneaky. Since the whole Story has started, the narrator talks about Gatsby as someone that no matter what will be by himself even when he is hosting his parties, he does not fully participate. As the narrator said after one party was over a sudden emptiness seemed to appear from the windows and the great doors, endowing the dignitary Of the host, Gatsby, with complete isolation who stood on the porch, his hand up in a formal gesture of farewell (Fitzgerald, p. , chap. 3).

That is to say that despite people constantly being at his house Gatsby always finds himself alone. An other reason that people might agree that isolation of man is the dominant theme for the book is because Gatsby has changed his name, moved away from his poor parents in North Dakota which he talks about as they were dead (Fitzgerald, p. 98, chap. 6). So readers would probably said that he changed his name because he did not want people who had known him to stick around him to much so he moved away where there are new people ho did not know him before.

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Sometime there are people who came to his parties who don’t even know him and he don’t even know in other words they only know his parties not him. The reason why I support Reality versus illusion as a more dominant theme in the book The Great Gatsby, it is because after five years Gatsby came out Of no where and tried to get the woman he loves back, without really having any idea of what is on her mind, how she will act or what will be her decision. Gatsby thinks he can repeat the past and affirmed that he is going to fix everything just the Way it was before (Fitzgerald, p. 1 1 0, chap. 6).

Gatsby had turned Daisy into an illusion in his mind that had gone further than reality. He was obsessed to have her back and did all kind of things he knew that can attract her. Gatsby obsession about Daisy was so strong that he could make make the difference between reality and the supernatural. The narrator tells us that Gatsby wanted nothing less of Daisy than just go to Tom and say that she never loved him (Fitzgerald, p. 109, chap. 6). Gatsby illusion also made IM think he knows who Daisy is in love with and who she is not in love with which is Tom but for Daisy is was difficult to decide.

Gatsby said to Tom: “your wife doesn’t love you, she never loves you. She loves me. ” (Fitzgerald, p. 1 31 ,chap. 7). Willing to repeat the pass, to have Daisy back, Gatsby was unTABLE things as they were supposed to be. His illusion even cost him his life. The reason why I agree that “Reality versus illusion” is more a dominant theme than “Isolation of man” it is because Gatsby isolated himself was a big art of his illusion, it was like he has retained himself for Daisy. All he have done was for Daisy as we know there is nothing that someone would not do for the one he or she loves.

Excessive parties, big beautiful mansion, wonderful cars, changing his name, turning himself to a new man was all a mean to get Daisy back because not only he knows that Daisy has a weakness for such material things but he also thinks that those would bring her to him. The reason why I don’t support “Isolation of man” as the dominant theme of he book The Great Gatsby it is because Gatsby had an interest in his world which was looking for and expecting Daisy so it was not like he had enough of people living around him and tried to move away from them.

He was just aiming for his most important goal in his life which he did not accomplish. However “Reality versus illusion is the dominant theme for the book The Great Gatsby because Gatsby isolation is due to his own illusion of having Daisy back from Tom. After five years he came out of no where he had the idea that he can repeat the pass and fix everything as it was before.

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