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Analysis of ”November Night, Edinburgh” by Norman MacCaig Sample

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November Night. Edinburgh is a fantastic verse form by Norman MacCaig. This verse form is depicting the atrocious winter in Edinburgh. Scotland. The winter described is a cold. awful winter with hoar and pollution. This verse form follows a 4-line 4-stanza construction. This verse form does non hold any rhyming in it. but one could reason that MacCaig has structured the verse form so that it resembles the tenements that he has described in the image. This poem uses strong nonliteral and actual linguistic communication to make fantastic imagination.

and entreaties to the senses.

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Analysis of ”November Night, Edinburgh” by Norman MacCaig Sample
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MacCaig has used metaphors. similes and personifications to heighten this verse form. A personification in this verse form that stands out is “The brown air exhausts at the store windows. tries the door and sidles by. ” ( stanza 1. line 3 & A ; 4 ) The brown air is the to a great extent contaminated air. seeking to infect our organic structure with the toxicant that it contains. The air seems as though it is the enemy to our human organic structure.

and we create barriers. such as doors and Windowss. to protect us from the air.

MacCaig uses interesting metaphors throughout this full verse form. One metaphor is “I gulp down winter altogether. ” ( stanza 2. line 1 ) This is a strong metaphor. as it creates that this winter is barbarous and agonising. But. this metaphor besides has a actual significance. To confront “winter raw” . means that he has to confront winter without any protection. He could be stateless. no warming in his house. or no jackets to insulate heat.

This verse form illustrates the air on this winter’s dark in Edinburgh multiple times. “In a brown hair of cotton wool” . ( stanza 2. line 3 ) describes the air with graphic nonliteral linguistic communication. The cotton wool stated in the line are the clouds in the air. while the brown hair is the pollution. The cotton wool could besides intend that the air is like cotton wool and brown hair. doing it gustatory sensation atrocious. and stuck in your pharynx as it is soiled cotton wool.

“Frost in my lungs is rough as leaves” . ( stanza 3. line 1 ) . is a strong simile used in this verse form. The dead. crisp foliages. lying in his lungs. are crisp. Piercing through the variety meats. hurting coming every clip he inhales. This simile has the power to let you to conceive of the sum of hurting that he has to digest while take a breathing. This is simile is creates imagination. experiencing the hurting as the crisp. dead foliages in your lungs. cause hurting every clip you breathe in and out. Winter is a cold. bitter season. It is when all the insects lay their eggs. and dice. It is when we retreat to the comfort of our places. where the heat heats our organic structures. “The world’s a bear shrugged in his den” . is a metaphor used by MacCaig to explicate this state of affairs. A bear hibernates in his lair. merely like how we retreat to the heat of our ain house. The exterior is lonely and cold.

This verse form had a batch of nonliteral and actual linguistic communication. My favourite line of this verse form was “frost in my lungs is rough as leaves” . I believe that this is a decidedly a strong simile. as you are able to conceive of the hurting from take a breathing the hoar. Overall. MacCaig has described this verse form with imagination utilizing nonliteral and actual linguistic communication. In every case. MacCaig has described this winter as an enemy. and nil is good about it. There is no line where he has stated anything optimistic about this acrimonious winter.

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