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This essay discusses the importance of accountability in the military. Being accountable means being responsible for oneself, including being in the right place at the right time, in the right uniform, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Good accountability of equipment and oneself can prevent severe problems, such as statement of charges and investigation, and can help prevent delays in PCS or ETS. It is also important to inform supervisors about any problems that may arise, such as missing appointments or PT. Additionally, good accountability can mean a good deployment and a bad one, as it helps lower the risk of lives being at risk.

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This essay I will be writing is about the importance of accountability. To me “Accountability” is important because in the military, soldiers are often required to perform duties, some extremely challenging, to meet expected expectations. Accoutability is everything in this line of work. Having accountability of one’s self is a major factor in being a good soldier in today’s Army.

Being accountable means being in the right place on time, right place, and in the right uniform. Also, as well as taking responsibility of ones actions. For example: Formations, Appointments, Briefings, and Classes. Being accountable of one’s equipment like a soldiers TA-50, BII, Company’s or Unit’s equipment you have had to be signed to. Accountability can cause severe problems and some lasting longer then others. Also, accountability problems doesn’t only effect you. It will effect your squad, leadership and your company.

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This will prevent your company from appointing you in leadership positions, being sent to the board, extra duty, and/or being “Volen-told” for every detail that comes down from your Chain-of-Command. Good accountability of your TA-50, BII, and Etc. will help prevent of statement of charges and/or investigation which can cost a lot of money out of your pocket as well as prevent you from PCS or ETS on time. Times where accountability is at upmost importance when a unannounced urinalysis and a soldier was covered down but no one has heard from that soldier of why he/she is missing.

A missing ID card is punishable under UCMJ. It takes several steps just to try to receive a new ID card which can follow your military career for years, especially when it has been lost during a critical time. Until it has been found or replaced, memorandums have to be typed up and signed to allow that soldier to able to enter certain areas or buildings. Also, if found by the wrong hands, that soldier can have future problems like Identity theft, criminal charges (If found at a crime scene), terrorist attack on base.

Helping your supervisor by helping him/her keep accountability of Yourself, Problems, or Other, will keep yourself and them out of trouble. For example: Missing an appointment, Duty, PT, Etc. Calling ahead of time to inform then about the problem will help them keep track of where you at, what is going on, as well as how to fix the situation. In most cases this prevents problems of trying to track down soldiers who have gone missing or haven’t shown up at appointed locations.

Making sure all equipment you have been asigned for is all accounted for, locked up and secured in a easy assessable location Having a good accountability of yourself can mean a good deployment and a bad one. You’re good accountability will help lower the risk of yours, your Battle buddy’s, and your unit’s lives. This includes keeping track of your weapon, ammo, missions, as well as making sure you and your soldiers are always hydrated, getting enough rest and down time.

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