The Importance of Accountability

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This essay will explore the significance of accountability in the army and its impact on the unit’s mission. In the military, accountability is crucial because soldiers often receive difficult tasks and responsibilities. It would be unreasonable to expect soldiers to fulfill these demanding demands and expectations without being accountable. Being accountable includes being present at the right place and time, wearing appropriate attire, being reliable, punctual for work and appointments, and consistently making precise choices.

Being accountable is vital for not missing any crucial information that could be beneficial. The first formation of the day holds the utmost significance as it disseminates all the necessary information for the week, day, and even month. Accountability also entails ensuring that everyone knows your whereabouts at all times. It’s not just about taking care of oneself but also being available for contact from colleagues throughout the day in case they need assistance.

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The final formation is equally important as the initial formation, since the information provided during the first formation can change. Failing to be present for updated information may result in showing up at the wrong location or wearing the wrong uniform. Therefore, it is crucial to either attend these formations or notify your supervisor if you are unable to attend any appointments or personal obligations. If you cannot reach your supervisor, it is essential to contact someone else to inform them of any missed appointments or delays.

Both individuals and those they interact with are affected by accountability. This essay will examine various forms of accountability, with a specific emphasis on the importance of lower enlisted soldiers’ accountability due to their significant numbers. It is crucial to uphold self accountability by being mindful of one’s actions and staying watchful. Once individuals establish self accountability, they can extend their focus to others if needed.

Being accountable is crucial in both professional and personal life as it greatly affects different areas. The way you behave and how others perceive your actions can impact your reputation, career, self-confidence, and how the public sees you. Additionally, for Non-Commissioned Officers, accountability is especially important because soldiers depend on them for direction, counsel, and assistance with tasks that cannot be done individually.

NCO’s play a critical role in the military by relaying information from higher-ranking officers to lower-ranking personnel. Their mindset is shaped by years of dedication and starting from humble positions, which is why they need to have a thorough grasp of accountability. Furthermore, they are accountable not only for themselves but also for their subordinates. The failure of one person can greatly affect the entire team.

Ensuring accountability is essential in specific locations such as Afghanistan or Iraq, as it guarantees the safety and well-being of personnel. The significance of accountability rises as individuals move up the NCO support channel and chain of command because they are responsible for a greater number of people. However, maintaining effective accountability heavily depends on remaining mentally and physically vigilant at all times and being conscious of oneself and others nearby.

The Army’s mission relies on accountability, as it is essential for accomplishing the mission. It is crucial that every individual, from E-2 to CSMs and Colonels, fulfills their daily responsibilities. Workplace accountability significantly affects everyone’s productivity. Each soldier can be compared to a domino in a box; when properly arranged straight and firm, everything operates smoothly. Nevertheless, if someone becomes complacent, they will drag down those around them.

Then, it’s simply a cascading effect until all the dominos have fallen and you’re left with a heap of disarrayed and disorganized dominos. I stumbled upon an accountability quote on the internet which I believe captures the essence of what I’m saying. It’s from the writer and artist Walter Anderson, who said, “I am responsible. While I may not have the power to prevent the worst from occurring, I am accountable for my attitude towards the unavoidable misfortunes that darken life. Adverse things do transpire; how I choose to react to them defines my character and the caliber of my existence.”

I have the choice to remain stuck in sadness, unable to move forward due to the heaviness of my loss. Alternatively, I can choose to overcome the pain and appreciate the invaluable gift of life. In the army, accountability is crucial; it is the foundation that allows everything to function seamlessly. This is why accountability is emphasized, as without it, nothing else would be possible. Therefore, it is important to ensure you arrive at your designated destination promptly when required.

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