The Influence of Pop Culture on Teenagers

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Throughout history, the influence of pop culture on individuals, especially teenagers, has been evident. Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to external influences as they navigate their search for identity and future goals. The music they listen to, television shows they watch, and celebrities they idolize can all shape their beliefs and actions. Unfortunately, in today’s society, pop culture primarily has a negative impact on teenagers. Some of the music that teenagers listen to contains problematic lyrics that glorify substance abuse by the artists themselves.

If teenagers idolize artists, they may develop a desire to misuse drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, they may also imitate artists in devaluing women or discussing violence against them. According to a Stanford report on the influence of Rock and Roll on teenagers’ behavior, Kathleen O’Toole expressed that multiple studies have revealed that music videos containing violent imagery increased male viewers’ aggression towards women and their inclination to support violence. Music also romanticizes promiscuity and engaging in multiple relationships simultaneously.

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Researchers have discovered that adolescents who spend more time listening to music containing sexually degrading lyrics are more likely to engage in intercourse and other sexual activities. Additionally, music also influences teenagers to defy authority, which can lead to legal issues and problems in various aspects of life. Television has a significant impact on teenagers as well. Reality shows and movies featuring individuals who are disliked by others but still popular among their peers can influence teens to adopt similar obnoxious behavior in order to fit in and be liked. Consequently, this can result in teenagers displaying poor attitudes and rude behavior.

Showing an abundance of violence in shows and movies can also lead teenagers to adopt violent behavior. The Association for Psychological Science has published a journal discussing the impact of media violence on young individuals, stating that research on violent television shows, films, video games, and music leaves no doubt that such media content enhances the likelihood of aggressive and violent conduct in both present and future situations. Additionally, individuals participating in reality shows can inspire teenagers to incite more drama due to the extensive amount of drama depicted on these shows. Drama naturally attracts attention, which teenagers crave.

Television is a significant factor in shaping teenagers’ perception of sex, influencing them to engage in sexual activities at an earlier age. This is evident in television shows such as Teen Mom, which can lead teenagers to believe that it is acceptable to become pregnant while still young. In today’s society, celebrities play a crucial role in influencing teenagers. Teenagers aspire to be like these celebrities, with their fame, fortune, and popularity. As a result, they adopt the behavior and attitudes of these celebrities who serve as their inspiration. The way celebrities look also impacts teenagers’ perception of themselves. Believing they must emulate the appearance of these rich and famous individuals, teenagers perceive it as a necessity to look like celebrities.

Celebrities also have an impact on the fashion choices of teenagers. Teenagers believe that if celebrities wear something specific, they should do the same. Moreover, teenagers are influenced to place a high value on materialistic possessions, including clothes, cars, and jewelry, because celebrities flaunt such items. Furthermore, divorce and other relationship issues are frequently discussed in magazines featuring these admired and esteemed celebrities. The presence of these problems, such as infidelity, in the lives of their role models can inspire teenagers to mirror these same issues in their own relationships.

Overall, contemporary popular culture has a detrimental impact on teenagers’ actions and conduct. They are exposed to music that encourages glorification of substance abuse, objectification and mistreatment of women, exhibiting violence, engaging in promiscuity, and rebelling against authority. Moreover, the television programs they consume foster impolite behavior, aggression, unnecessary drama, and sexual activity.

Additionally, the celebrities they idolize instill a preoccupation with self-image and fashion decisions, placing importance on material possessions, and fostering poor choices in relationships. Given teenagers’ vulnerability, media has a significant influence on their attitudes and behaviors.

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