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The Law of April 6th



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    The law of April 6th 1830 outlawed Americans to come to Texas. It also impacted Anglo Texans by the ban on bringing slaves in to Mexico; this hurt their ability to develop the cotton industry. The Texans felt that they had been wronged by the Mexican Government. This also brought up some serious political issues within Mexico. The law increased a lot tension between the Texas and the Mexican Government. It also marked a turning point in the relationship between the Texas colonists and the Mexican government. They sent Mexican soldiers into Texas, which were assigned to collect the customs duties.

    The law was designed to encourage Mexican and European settlement in Texas. It also restricted Anglo-American settlement. It Called for the prohibition of slavery, and closed the borders of Texas to Americans. Also made to stop the flood of immigration from the United States. Immigrants continued arriving illegally during the early 1830s. The Law of April 6, 1830 proved ineffective. Anglo and even Tejano leaders argued that Texas depended on slave labor, since slaves were prohibited. By 1836 they got what they wanted and the numbers of slaves in Texas was about 5,000, most were located in productive river valleys. Some Events caused by the law include

    1) The Fredonian Rebellion
    2) The U.S. offers to purchase Texas
    3) The Mier y Teran report
    A list of the provisions:
    1) The Slaves could no longer be brought into Mexico to work for Anglos 2) It Outlawed immigration from the U.S. to Texas
    3) Forts and presidios were forced to stop illegal immigration 4) Encouraged Mexican and Europeans to relocate to Texas
    5) It also canceled empresarial grants that were not fulfilled 6) Custom duties were placed on goods entering Texas from the U.S. (Meaning colonists would have to pay more for supplies from the United States)

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