Gopabandhu Das – Legend in the Indian Culture

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Pundit Gopabandhu Das was a remarkable figure in the history of Odisha. Despite marrying at the age of twelve, he continued his education and completed his primary education before joining Puri Zilla School in 1893. It was here that he met his teacher, Mukhtiar Ramachandra Dash, who instilled in him many nationalistic values. Gopabandhu started the Puri Seva Samiti to provide aid to cholera victims, which later led to the establishment of a hospital for cholera patients in Puri. He was a member of Utkal Samilani from 1903 to 1921 and was elected as its President in 1919. Pundit Gopabandhu Das was a versatile personality, being an eminent writer and poet, with some of his works being considered masterpieces. Despite facing many personal setbacks, including losing his parents, wife, son, and younger brother, Gopabandhu continued to work tirelessly to ensure that the poor people of Odisha had a better life. He passed away on 17 June 1928, but his sacrifice still inspires many to dedicate themselves to the nation.

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At the age of twelve, he married Apti, but continued his education. After completion of primary education, he joined Puri Zilla School in 1893, where he met his teacher Mukhtiar Ramachandra Dash, who was not only a genius but also a nationalist.It was at this school and with this teacher that Gopabandhu learned many nationalistic values. The inadequate response of authorities for the victims of cholera prompted him to start a voluntary corps Puri Seva Samiti.

This movement later led to establishment of a separate hospital for cholera patients at Puri, and made GopabPundit Gopabandhu Das was a member of Utkal Samilani from 1903 to 1921 for which he was elected President in the year of 1919.Pundit Gopabandhu Das was truly versatile personality. He was an eminent writer and poet. Some of his poems like “Ma Ra Kabita “, “Dharmapada”, “Bandi Ra Atma Katha” are testimony of his evident skills of a great poet.

Das had a miserable family life. He lost both of his parents in his childhood days. Pundit Gopabandhu Das who completed his education as an orphan went on to lose his wife son and younger brother when he was a young man.Even after so many personal setbacks we have to salute the spirit of this great man to work with complete dedication to ensure that poor people of Odisha lead a better life.

He was certainly shining gem for the state of Odisha and a great Gopabandhu fell ill while attending a fund raiser ceremony in Lahore for the flood victims of Odisha, of which he never recovered. He died of prolonged illness on 17 June 1928. But his sacrifice still ignites many hearts to dedicate their soul & body for the nation. son of the state.


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