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The Matrix Movie Review Research Paper

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  • Pages 5
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    The Matrix Movie Review Essay, Research Paper

    Video Production Feb. 4, 2001

    The conspicuous movie, The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne,

    Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving and directed by Andy Wachowski was a

    successful movie with unforgettable action. The genre of The Matrix is scientific discipline fiction/

    action. It contains changeless kung-fu combat and ever leaves you at the border of your

    place. It is besides science fiction since it takes topographic point in the twelvemonth 2306, where humans no

    longer command the universe, alternatively machines do. The Matrix fits its genre appropriately and

    supports you entertained from get downing to stop.

    Keanu Reeves starrs as Neo, the computing machine hacker who is seeking the reply to

    the inquiry, ? what is the matrix? ? His hunt leads him to the wise Morphius who

    explains to Neo the semblance of the alleged world. The universe he is in is the Matrix, it is

    computing machine generated universe made by the? machines? , the machines control the worlds and

    maintain them in topographic point. Morphius offers Neo a opportunity to disconnect from the Matrix and travel into

    the existent universe and Neo takes to offer. Neo is now in the existent universe and must contend for his

    life against the cold authorities agents who are? no 1, but everyone? as Morphius

    quotation marks. Morphius is led to believe that Neo is? the one? to salvage the human race and licking

    the agents, yet Neo doesn? t believe in himself. Neo doesn? t believe in destiny, he doesn? T

    like the thought that he isn? T in control of his ain life. Finally, he becomes strong and

    believes that he is the 1 and defeats the authorities agents and falls in love with the

    brave Trinity. By get the better ofing the agents Neo is one measure closer to assisting salvage the

    human race.

    The Matrix is interesting because it plays with the thought of existent and semblance, it is

    besides alone in this manner. No movie has of all time questioned, how do we cognize the difference

    between the dream universe and the existent universe? This film lets us research and chew over on

    that inquiry and if it could truly go on. Us being introduced to this new thought is what

    makes the movie engaging, we wonder whether this could truly go on or be go oning to

    us. It is a dramatic film since we could easy associate to the reactions and picks all

    characters make.

    The characters in the film are all alone in personality, but they all have one

    similarity. The similarity that brought them to the existent universe, which is wonder. Each

    character is alone in their ain manner. Morphius has a manner with words, he easy

    persuades anyone. He is experient and wise, and doesn? t spring in excessively easy. Neo on the

    other manus is determined and doesn? Ts give up on anyone or anything. He likes being in

    control of his ain life and is ever diffident of everyone or anything. Trinity is non as

    determined but is intelligent and really serious. The cold authorities agent are

    drone and have no feeling, they are fundamentally life-less. Their power is manner out of

    Morphius’s control but the lone power they don? Ts have it th

    vitamin E power to go forth the matrix.

    They try to derive that power from Morphius and everyone else.

    The characters fulfill their function appropriately but non every bit good as it could hold been. For

    illustration, there could hold been more scenes demoing Trinity ( Carrie-Anne Moss ) and

    Neo ( Keanu Reeves ) falling in love, because them falling in love seemed excessively sudden, like

    they hardly knew eachother. Although, Morphius ( Laurence Fishburne ) played his function as

    Neo’s usher really good. He was really wise and was with Neo every measure of the manner. Sipher

    ( Hugo Weaver ) was the 1 who betrayed the group so he could travel back to the matrix.

    He even killed two of the people who where in the group. Weaver played his function good

    because from the beginning we can already see that he doesn? Ts like the existent universe, he

    instead be in the matrix. This foreshadows that he will bewray the group.

    Visually, the film is great, everything is really clear and easy understood.

    Everything throughout the film is clear, it doesn? t leap from one topographic point to another like

    some film do. The costumes and do up are besides good done. When the characters are

    in the matrix they have black shiny and futuristic apparels. When they are in the existent

    universe, they have ugly rags on. By making this, one can easy state when the characters are

    in the matrix or in the existent universe. Following, there are truly interesting shootings. When of all time there

    was some sort of combat, it was normally in slow gesture, which made it interesting and

    unique. There are besides at least three shootings where you look at a scene through a contemplation.

    For illustration, when we were looking at Neo through the contemplation of Morphius’s Sun

    spectacless, or when we were looking at him through contemplation of a spoon and besides a auto

    contemplation mirror.

    Music goes good with the genre, it is all techno and stone. This makes you truly

    feel like it is an action film. The sound effects during the combat combat are sufficient

    and the are converting.

    The intent of the film maker for doing this film is to acquire the audience

    believing if this could truly go on to us or if it did. He is seeking to acquire the audience to

    admiration, are we in the matrix right now and wear? t even cognize it?

    The best facet of this film it that it is alone, no film like this has of all time been

    made. That is what makes it so prosecuting, the audience wants to larn about the matrix.

    They are merely every bit funny as Neo is. They are with him every measure of so manner, wholly

    glued to the film screen. The audience loves the suspense.

    In decision, this film is one of my favourite films. It is exciting and

    foliages you believing a long clip after the film is over. One should see it because

    although I dislike sci-fi films, yet this one I like. I recommend it to anyone who want to

    explore a different type of film or who merely wants to see some amazing kung-fu



    this is a film reappraisal of the movie, The Matrix, it has all the film reappraisal standards u will necessitate!

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