Physical Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Drinking Water

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Water quality refers to the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of drinking water. Water sampling helps to determine if the water is fit for ecological purposes. The quality of drinking water from different communities had been questioned before in relation to its possible threat to human health.

The study aimed to differentiate the microbiological findings of both samples and to raise awareness in public health.The study was conducted by gathering water samples from Davao City Water District and Christ the King Chapel, Dumoy, Davao City. Microbiological findings included heterotrophic plate count, most probable number of total and fecal coliform, chlorine residual and isolated organisms. The microbiological examination of drinking-water emphasized the assessment of the hygienic quality of the water samples.

The isolation of specific pathogens in water is done for purposes of investigating and controlling outbreaks of disease.The water sample from Davao City Water District meets the requirements of a standard drinking water with less than 1 result of heterotrophic plate count, and most probable total and fecal coliform. The water sample from Dumoy Deep Well all failed to reach the standard limits and resulted to 1,020, 2. 6, and 2.

6 respectively. Both tested negative for chlorine residual and Dumoy Deep Well contained a thermotolerant Escherichia coli.It is concluded that the water from Davao City Water District has standard microbiological findings where as the Dumoy Deep well contains organisms, exceeds normal limits and is not fit for drinking. Methodology Results, Tables and Graphs: Shown in table 1 are the microbiological findings of the water sample from Davao City Water District (DCWD).

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