The Monster of our Generation

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Our world has been willingly consumed by the monster we call technology. Technology is sly as it maneuvers around us, growing, until there is no escape from the concealed threats the beast acquires. The monster of our generation has falsely been accused of simplifying peoples’ lives and lowering stress levels, where in reality, just the opposite happens. The unavoidTABLE hidden risks of being exposed to the monster are as followed: face to face interactions lowering, stress levels rising and the motivation to think independently is dropping.

The world has become dependent on technology, addicted to the monster. People of all ages cling to their latest devices to the minute they wake up until the second they go to sleep. Upon their screens, their eyes skim the latest gossip among their friends and have five conversations going on at once. Applecart claims, “All internet connections are threadbare; they lack the complexity and depth of real-world interactions. ” In other words, he argues that technology communication has masked our words; it enTABLEs the person to receive the full effect of emotion spoken by body language and the tone of heir voice.

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To be quite frank, I was disappointed wasted my money on an object that has destroyed more relationships than helped. The rumors of technology lowering stress levels is being proven false as many people have been experiencing the side effect of discombobulating. Discombobulating occurs when a person is denied the access of internet and becomes frustrated (“Discombobulating’). “More than a quarter admit to rising stress levels when they are unTABLE to go online” (“Discombobulating’). Internet access became a key concept in a person’s daily routine, and once the injection is disTABLEd for however long, the person stresses over it.

I believe this is an unnecessary reason to stress. Is it not true that there are plenty of other credible sources than just the internet? However, some people will become defensive like an addict when insulting the monster, technology. Crystal argues that the elderly always criticizes “the new crazes of the young”, normally lacking the full understanding of them. Contrary to that belief many older folks do understand the concepts of technology devices but fail to see the necessity of them. Also, he makes a ridiculous claim that, “More than half f all text messages consist of one sentence at most. But nothing could be further from the truth because a proper sentence is much more than a subject and predicate; a proper sentence includes: proper grammar, proper spelling and proper punctuation. Furthermore, the ability to think independently is becoming a foreign process to many people. The internet provides us a sufficient amount of resources and answers right at the tips of our fingers. Nicholas Carr reveals, “We now go outside of ourselves to make all the connections that we used to make inside of ourselves. For instance, any teenagers surf the web for answers without absorbing any information (Applecart).

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