How Is Your Generation Different from the Generation of Your Parents?

As time passes, a lot of things change. Speaking about those things, we can broadly categorize them into two groups: values and technology. In my opinion, it is necessary to analyze them separately. The first group, namely values, includes such aspects as moral standards, viewpoints and preferences. Firstly, nowadays people do not pay as much respect to institution of marriage as our parents did. People make rash decisions, get married thoughtlessly and, as a consequence get divorced. Sadly, now it happens all the time, while some time ago the matter of family was sacred.

Secondly, the generation of my parents was brought up differently. Good manners, sense of duty and respect were prioritized. Ideas, attitudes and perceptions too have changed dramatically. Conventional thinking has been replaced by the freedom of thought. Unlike the first, group, technological changes have more of a positive nature. Progress has brought us such things that used to be unimaginable a while ago. Take, for example, cell phones. Cell phones are no luxury anymore and there is hardly any person not having one. Another great invention is the Internet. Internet can literally do magic.

Who could have known forty or so years ago that someday it would be possible to find any information you like by making several simple moves? Or be talking with a friend living across the globe and seeing his face on the monitor of your computer? Or doing shopping without even leaving your home? The answer is no one. Technological progress has undoubtedly made our lives easier. To conclude I would like to say that new every generation has its own characteristics and special features. And while some of them are inherited, others undergo significant changes or even disappear at all. Time changes everything, nothing lasts forever.

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