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Houston is the largest metropolis in Texas and the 4th largest metropolis in the United States. Harmonizing to 2009 nose count. the metropolis had a population of about 2. 2 million people and the metropolis occupies a infinite of 600 square stat mis. Houston is a multi-cultural province due to the fact that the metropolis is a host to many academic establishments and many industries. Houston metropolis has big figure of immature population and this has been contributed to by an inflow of immigrants in the province. More than 90 linguistic communications are spoken in Houston ( Miller. and Larry. 2008 )

The metropolis is graded 3rd among the metropoliss with big figure of Hispanics and Mexican-American in the United States. The metropolis scores high figure of Hispanics in the province of Texas. The metropolis besides has high Numberss of illegal emigres who largely reside in the Greater Houston country. Houston has the largest figure of Nigerian-American population in United States and they constitute more than 2 % of the population. The metropolis a average family income of $ 36. 616 where as the average income for a household is 40. 443. emales have a average income of $ 27. 371 while work forces has a median of $ 32. 084. 16 per centum of households and 19 per centum of the population live below the poorness line. The metropolis is home to many emigres from Asia with more than 30. 000 emigres in 2007. Crime in Houston increases as one goes to the outer main roads. It is hence advised that people walk with attention when taking main roads in the outskirts of the metropolis since torment tend to be more common in countries that are sketching Interstate Highway 45from Southern Beltway to the northern belt.

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Crimes in these countries include shots. muggings. and robberies. Many people in Houston tend to disregard menaces but people are largely advised that some to carry through their menaces. The most ill-famed territory that people are advised to avoid is the Westchase which consist of Hillcroft past Westheimer and Daury Ashford. Mission Bend is safe and all is required is cautiousness. Capital of virginia and the West Oaks country hwy 6 all the manner to 1 Stebner Airline is by and large safe ( Miller. and Larry. 2008 ) .

Staying in Hotels near Williowbrook. Tombal. Cy-Fair. Spring and the environing country is comparatively safer since there are fewer panhandlers as compared to countries around Galleria. Bellaire and West University are besides good countries but people are advised to avoid Beechnut. Chimney Rock and 610. The more one moves from town. the it becomes hazardous to walk at dark. Areas such as Wards. Gulfton. Fondren South West and Sharptown are hazardous at dark and it even advised to walk with cautiousness during the twenty-four hours.

Houston was ranked 46th metropolis in United States in slaying instances as per 2005 and the rate of slaying per capita rate is 16. 3. The slaying rate for the metropolis is graded 3rd among metropoliss in the United States with a population of more than 1. 000. 000. Even though instances of slaying have been on the addition. non-violent offenses have significantly reduced by 2 % in 2005. Some media beginnings have attributed the increasing offense rate on the wakes of Katrina.

Houston is besides one of the major drug hubs in the United States ; sellers use the metropolis to provide marihuana. cocaine. diacetylmorphine. Methedrine. and MDMA to distributers in other metropoliss in the United States. Houston is in top place in province of Texas in auto-theft. In 2007 entirely. 31. 000 motor vehicles were stolen in the metropolitan country of Houston ( Wallman. 2006 ) Due to the mix in population in the metropolis. there is high rate of offenses and this has given the constabulary section to command offense. Illegal emigres in Houston makes offense rates hard to command.

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