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The Negative Sides of the Demonstrations

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Demonstration is the act of asking rights by people in civil and pacify way, in demonstrations people come to the street so as to oblige government and the responsible sides to listen to them and replay. Sometimes the block streets, sometimes they go to the parliament establishment. This issue gets many reactions according to the country that demonstration occurs. Sometimes it makes good results, or the apposite happens something bad takes place. According to press reports, the current wave of demonstrations began Feb.

16 when people gathered in front of KDP headquarters in SLEMANY to denounce corruption, call for democratic reform, and demand better living conditions. Yet, SLEMANY has historically been a stronghold of the PUK and Goran; KDP is not responsible for governance there, leading some people to wonder why KDP headquarters was chosen as the site of protest( WWW.Pro-democracy.COM)
This essay talks about the negative sides of the demonstrations that happened in SLEMANY two months ago which it caused many problems in sociologic, psychological, political, dead men and so on, without getting to any solution for the problems.

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The Negative Sides of the Demonstrations
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One of the major reasons is poverty and economy, BARHAM SALIH said that the percentage of poverty in Kurdistan was four percent (TV) which really is not quite right if it compared to the number of demonstrators, the matter is poor people broad their problems, because in the fifth day of demonstrations the price of goods rose according to mr.shamal’s speech a kilo of tomato was four thousand which is really expensive for poor people. Unemployment grew and the number of jobs reduced, though people came out their home for getting employment for rescuing from poverty. The trade become weaker and even taxies were jobless because of closing the boarders between SLEMANY and the other cities. Also factories closed goods were hard to be found.
Another reason of demonstration is civil society and.

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