The New Democracy in the 1820’s

A crucial period in American history was in the 1820’s. Due to the War of 1812, the Federalist Party had disappeared by the election in the year, 1820. Due to the failing of the Federalist Party, the country only had one party remaining, for a brief time in history which was the Democratic Republicans. We learn from an article written by Nit Nosoto, called “The Centralization of the US Government“, (Nosotro, p.1) “Over the history of America, many changes have taken place, and among these are changes in its government. These changes in American government have many different causes.”

During the 1820’s, the Democratic Republicans were divided into two very separate parties. One of those two parties was a group of conservatives, which favored a strong nationalism and wanted a national bank as well as a protective tariff. This group was called the National Republicans. The other half were concerned with state’s rights and using tariffs for only revenues. They also desired an independent treasury. This group of people named themselves, Democratic.

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The New Democratic Party rose in the 1820’s to assure that they could work toward the National Banking system, which would control all monetary wealth by independents. The leader of the Democratic people elected Andrew Jackson as President of the United State of America in the year, 1828. Today, this group is called the Democratic Party. The New Democratic Party were interested and concerned with bringing Americans together to be a more equal group that could make decisions concerning our country as a whole unit, instead of a divided group who held such opposite views on so many issues.

The New Democracy emphasized more equality among the American citizens and wanted a nationalized and united government. The New Democracy also added a more democratic view of its government. The democratic method of electing was even more national than the Electoral College, and being that the voting was the same within the Electoral College, there was a huge step taken toward having a national government that was more controlled by its own people.

The New Democracy was made up of those who favored the same ideas about the way the government should be ran and were referred to as a group that were more interested in the welfare of the American citizens that offering aid to businesses that, in their eyes, already had their fair share of gain in society. The New Democratic group was more interested in the uniting and prosperity of the people, which they demonstrated during the years of controversy over slavery in the South in later years.

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