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Ever since Midas & # 8217 ; lecherousness for gold, it appears to be that adult male has acquired a greed and appetency for wealth. Juana, the Priest, and the physician have all undergone a alteration due to money. They are all affected by their hungriness for wealth and inturn are the base for their ain devastation, and the devastation of society. Steinbeck & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; The Pearl & # 8221 ; is a survey of adult male & # 8217 ; s self destruction through greed.

Juana, the faithful married woman of Kino, a paltry provincial adult male, had lived a religious life for what had seemed like every bit long as she could retrieve. When her boy Coyito fell badly from the bite of a Scorpio, she thirstily turned towards the religious facets of life. Get downing to pray for her boy & # 8217 ; s endangered life. The physician who had resided in the upper-class subdivision of the town, refused to assistant the kid, turning them away when they arrived at the door. Last they turned to the sea to seek their luck. When Juana set sight on the & # 8220 ; Pearl of The World. & # 8221 ; she felt as though all her supplications had been answered, if she could hold foreseen the hereafter what she would hold seen would hold been a mirror image of her world. Juana & # 8217 ; s hubby was caught in a distorted kingdom of mirrors, and they were all shattering one by one. In the dark he heard a & # 8220 ; sound so soft that it might hold been merely a idea & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; and rapidly attacked the intruder. This is where the jobs for Juana and her household began. The fright that had mounted in Kino & # 8217 ; s organic structure had taken control over his actions. Soon even Juana who had ever had religion in her hubby, had doubted him greatly. & # 8220 ; It will destruct us all & # 8221 ; she yelled as her effort to free the household of the pearl had failed. Kino had non listened nevertheless, and shortly Juana began to lose her religious side and for a long clip she had forgotten her supplications that had at one time meant so much to her. She had tried to assist Kino before to much problem had aroused, merely to detect that she was non competent plenty to assist.

A hypocrathic curse is said before each medical pupil is granted a Doctors grade. In the curse they swear to help the ailment, and bring around the injured. In the small town of La Paz there lived a physician who had earned his wealth by assisting those that were ailments and could afford his services. Not one time in his long calling would he hold dared garbage to help a affluent attorney or Lords. However when Kino and the group of money hungry provincials arrived at his door with a poisoned kid he had refused them entry stating & # 8220 ; Have I nil better to make than bring around insect bites for `little Indians & # 8217 ; ? I am a physician, non a veterinary. & # 8221 ; for the physician had known that the provincials hadn & # 8217 ; t any money. He had been to Paris and had enjoyed the lusters of the universe, and hence he wouldn & # 8217 ; t be seen covering with Thursday

e less fortunate as he knew that the less fortunate would certainly ever be merely that-less fortunate. However it seemed that he had been stereotyped of the less fortunate, as he shortly discovered when hearing of a great pearl discovered by the provincials who had knocked upon his door earlier that twenty-four hours. A hungriness for wealth was what pushed him to see the provincials house and help their impoverished boy. However he had already ended Coyito’s life without cognizing he’d done so, for if he had administered assistance to Coyito when they were foremost at the physicians door, Kino would hold no ground to seek his luck in the ocean, and would non be led down the route to hardships. One might believe that a physician, one who has the image of being inactive, and caring should non crouch to such a degree.

When 1 is down on their fortune, opportunities are they will turn to superstition in hope to get what it is that they would desire to accomplish. A good illustration of this would be a good fortune appeal such as a coney & # 8217 ; s pes. In La Paz the provincials were uneducated and likely had ne’er heard of a superstitious notion. The provincials merely dependability, there merely whipping boy was God. God had ever been their to help them in there times of demand. The first reaction of Juana when seeing the Scorpio is a good illustration of spiritualty, instead than try to kill the Scorpio she began to pray to God for safety.

In La Paz the lone signifier of God that the provincials knew was that of the Priest of the church. To the provincials the Priest was so God-like that they were unable to see any mistakes in his actions. However the reader is able to find that the Priest is mistreating his place in society. In order to have the sacraments the individual bespeaking the sacrament must & # 8220 ; donate & # 8221 ; a little sum of money to the church. Whether this is right or non is a affair of sentiment. The church definetly needs support but the provincials are unable to donate these financess, but, does that do them unable to have the sacraments should they desire to get them? The Priest is so set on accomplishing money and societal position that he puts aside the existent ground one becomes a Priest- to assist, and learn the word of God.

In & # 8220 ; The Pearl & # 8221 ; , Steinbeck expresses the fact that adult male & # 8217 ; s manifestation for wealth and belongings leads to the self devastation of adult male, both mentally, and physically. The Priest of La Paz, The physician, and Juana were all affected by the affects of greed. Whether they are endeavoring for wealth or are in the way of those that are, they are all every bit affected. The narrative of Midas lives on as a cautiousness to those who crave the heat and comfort of money. Beckoning to those who struggle to accomplish wealth, and trusting that they will react, and perchance non set wealth on the top shelf of life.

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