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The Person Behind Me Was Approaching Rapidly

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Paradiso Dam was always a destination that I admired and one I day suggested we spend a day at the park there. Saddled with tasty delicious goods in our car booth, our journey to this picture perfect area began. My friend, Myron travelled with us. He kept us in stitches with his jokes and riddles.
Shortly after lunch, we decided to visit the dam with the grownups. It was an amazing view. On our return to the parking lot Myron challenged me to a race.

Being confident about our way back, we sped ahead leaving trails of dust behind. After a while we got lost and decided to turn around and head back to the dam only to find no one there.
Being teenagers, we threw caution to the wind and ran further back to where we thought we supposed to be. Once more we took the wrong path, travelled in a circle and came back to the dam. We gave each other a nervous look.

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The Person Behind Me Was Approaching Rapidly
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The sun was beginning to set and our imaginations got the better of us. Every sound of the wildlife around us sounded as an echo. Thoughts of this day being my last day on Earth swept my mind. I was so young, barely experienced life and now I had to leave this world.
Myron and I were busy discussing an alternate pathway when we heard the cracking sound of branches. The person behind me was approaching rapidly. Without a second thought, I grabbed him and sped into a pathway. We pushed trees from our way and moved forward. The breaking of branches could be heard following us. Myron being athletic in nature was ahead of me while I trailed behind.
Living in South Africa, always makes one think the worst that could happen to a person. I was certain that the person following me was a murderer. He wanted to kill me and use my organs for his rituals. Light was soon disappearing. My heart was in my throat.
Suddenly I felt his hand on my shoulder and I screamed. When I opened my eyes, I then realised it was the parks guide. He spoke to me calmly and reassured me that he wanted to help us. It was only then that I saw his.

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