Detail oriented person Vs the big picture person

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A detailed person can be defined as that person who is gifted in reducing the complexity of issues by coming up with clearly interpreted and manageable solutions. Such people can create order out of a messy situation and are often very specific, analytical, organized and will rarely overlook such details as statistics, punctuation outcome or presentation appears . The big picture person on the other hand approaches issues with an overall aim and makes plans on the basis of urgency and needs, but is able to make accomplishments in due process.

Such a person misses out on minor details that could cause havoc to the work they have done. The detailed person on the other hand experiences difficulty in creating ideas and fails to see the big picture. Both persons are very important in any organization because the detail oriented person is good at drawing out ideas and plans which the big picture oriented person will quickly assess and come up with a suitable solution. While the detail oriented person is concerned about the intensity of the outcome, the picture oriented person is concerned about the duration taken to attain the desired results. The detail oriented person will be there to pip point any important details so that have been overlooked and hand them over to the big picture master planner. Because not everything needs to be done to the finest details, big picture persons are very essential in any organization as they are the visionaries that carry the dream far into the future (Price & Ritcheske 2001). Career development and importance of career advancement Career development is the process through which a person advances in his/her career by working through various jobs in their lifetime.

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Such jobs should always lead to a higher income than the previous, help the person to improve and widen their skills as well as engage one in greater responsibilities. New jobs should also be more prestigious, involve diverse activities and be more advanced than the previous. Career development is therefore a combination of learning, working and managing life in one continuous process that leads to better skills, behavior, attitudes and knowledge. Times have changed when employers bore the responsibility of helping employees advance in their careers and the employee now has a responsibility of designing methods that will help improve his/her professional life. In the course one’s career life, a person contemplates new goals in life and in the process of working, is able to acquire the abilities, experience and knowledge to attain such goals. But no achievements can be made single handedly and employers, family, community as well as service providers have the responsibility of assisting any individual in their career advancement Times are changing and so is technology.

Through new technological inventions, the workplace has become a haven of transformation in and most employees are caught up in a test of interpersonal skills and technical abilities. Technological tools used in exchange of information continue to change with time and people who lack the skills to use them face the risk of being phased out. Because employers have discovered that it is possible to get sharp people and train them in the new skills that are required for the job, career advancement has become a necessity in the lives of workers.

Salary increment is based on performance and in order to move up the ladder of better income, career advancement is very necessary. Career advancement also creates opportunity in new and better organizations as well as improving ones social status (Cummings& Worley 2004). Works Cited Cummings, Thomas G. , and Worley, Christopher G. Organization Development and Change. Thomson South-Western, 2004. Price, Bette and Ritcheske, George. True Leaders: How exceptional CEOs and Presidents Make a Difference. Dearborn Trade Publishing, 2001.

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