The Political Culture and the American Dream Essay

It is an undeniable reality that the distinct American Dream is embedded within the culture of United States and among its people. The existence of interest groups for the past decades and most importantly, the evolving and political landscape as illustrated by the recent exploit of the presidential election have exemplified the relevance of such phenomenon. Hence, it is empirical to note and state that the American Dream remains.

As manifested by the Statue of Liberty as the prominent icon of the American Dream, the country’s vision of freedom and individual liberty never cease to exist.

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The Political Culture and the American Dream
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This is certainly because the American Dream remains an important element of the political culture of the U.S. The American Dream, which was introduced and provided by the nation’s Founding Fathers, remains to adhere and uphold the principles and practices of people’s existence, freedom and search for happiness.

This makes such a key factor which enables American society to continuously grow and steadily remain dynamic for centuries.

Due to the continuing American Dream, U.S. as the melting pot of divergent cultures allows the citizens to keep an open mind or liberal thinking about issues and conflicting views leading to the introduction of reforms and changes in national and international policies.

Through the common belief in the American Dream, U.S. and its people have accepted the fact that it should not be a purist culture. For instance, they have realized that the Presidency should not be limited to or taken as a right reserve to White American leaders.

Ultimately, because the society and people still believe in the American dream, U.S. made history by installing a fist black African-American as President during last year’s elections. Such event indeed signifies the nature of the contemporary political culture as established under the American Dream.

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