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The Reasons for the Success of ZTE Sample

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In the first phase of this study. the historical background of ZTE will be introduced. Second. compare zte and foxconn organisational and civilization. following Introduced the civilization and organisational structure’s ZTE the dealingss and on the impact of the concern. so speak the employees in zte behaviour and leading manners. Introduces the rule in the application of maslow’s revival. in the terminal. Sum up the influence of some factors of zte development.

1. 3 BackgroundZTE Corporation is China’s largest listed telecommunications maker and wireless solutions supplier.

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The Reasons for the Success of ZTE Sample
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Founded in 1985. ZTE Corporation has been listed as an A-Share company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1997. As the innovator of China’s telecommunications equipment fabrication industry. ZTE Corporation is a comprehensive supplier of telecommunications equipment. nomadic terminuss and services. With its three merchandise series. i. e. radio. web and terminus ( nomadic phone ) . ZTE is capable of supplying planetary clients with diversified incorporate telecommunications networking solutions and a broad scope of professional services on a 24?7 footing.

and has been involved in the market of international telecommunications operation services. To day of the month. ZTE has been the lone Chinese seller with complete bundle of independently developed base Stationss and exchanging systems with self-owned trade names.

By now ZTE is the lone Chinese mobile phone maker that provides merchandises of the three systems. i. e. GSM. CDMA and PHS. In a command to hold on cardinal engineerings in nomadic phone R & A ; D. ZTE has independent rational belongingss to all the nucleus package. hardware circuits. nucleus french friess and overall design & A ; integrating. ZTE invests about 10 % of its one-year gross revenues income into research and development. It has set up a complete human resources direction system from enlisting. preparation and assignment to incentive promotion. ZTE has 21. 000 employees. of which 70 % hold a unmarried man or higher grade. ZTE Corporation was accredited as “China’s Top 10 Listed Companies” . consecutively listed among the “Top 50 Listed Companies with the Greatest Growth Potential in China Securities and Asia Business” for 4 old ages and the “Best 10 Employers in China’s IT Industry” .

2. Compare and contrast different construction and civilizationOrganizational construction and civilization play important functions in the company’s growing and endurance. There are two companies in construction and cultural differences.

2. 2 Culture of ZTE

? Honesty civilization: earnestness is zte’s success of smee. zte individual the first regulation of action. besides includes the endeavor forces between regard and trust. For illustration. in direction. ZTE has created the civilization of “full authority” to authorise the squad to success. Trust each employee is to work the enterprise to employees to ease their employees to make concern involvements. The individuality of directors at all degrees was the manager. counsel and assist employees accomplish work aims. Inconsistent positions on the lower degree. the company stressed that a consensus through communicating. communicating is required to listen to as a footing of equality. unfastened head. and to describe lower degrees could leapfrog. and the superior general does non let leapfrog bid. At the same clip on employees’ regard besides reflected in wages.

? Customer civilization: client oriented. systematically for the client to the success. Enterprise is to a client service. Enterprise is the key to the success of clients and clients decide everything. Zte merchandises are made from client determination.

? Learning civilization: without larning people are really pick behind. Enterprise provide survey preparation chances. this is the largest endeavor to employee public assistance. Zte has stressed the demand to put up a learning organisation ; learning civilization is a sort of concealed income of staff. A twelvemonth into for employee preparation financess 1000000s dollars. the employee’s cognition invariably update. ever has a strong competitory epoch.

2. 3 Culture of FOXCONN? Hard work civilization:? Responsible civilization ;? Solidarity and cooperation and sharing of resources civilization ;? Have parts will be rewarded civilization.

2. 4 Comparison of differentStructureCulture| Advantages| ? Zte is taken Matrix construction. This construction enhanced co-ordination among different sections ZTE exchange of information. to get the better of the additive map of the construction of the phenomenon of confused sections. ? It is flexible and so greatly improved the use rate of forces. ? The maps of the forces straight involved in the undertaking. but besides in the issue have a say in of import determinations. increase the participants sense of duty and enthusiasm. | ? This is level organisation. More chance for deputation and comparatively inexpensive. ? In theory. the advantages of this organisational construction are that it can implement determinations rapidly. This helps to better foxconn work efficiency| | Disadvantages| ? Project chief duty are frequently more than power? Project Leader for the undertaking members do non hold adequate quality work inducements and penalty. the undertaking members may be capable to double bid. affect organisational efficiency and stability|

? Due to more concentrated decision-making. publicities of staff are more hard. It is easy to consequence the motive of staff that they will non work hard to the company. ? Foxconn employees to coerce. particularly in the bottom| | Advantages| ? Integrity both in footings of clients or employees is critical. this civilization for endeavors to win more clients. but besides increased the visibleness of ZTE. While advancing the enthusiasm of staff? Customer oriented,according to the different demands of clients make market positioning,companies can avoid the sightlessness. every bit good as to maximise the benefits zte? Learning will assist beef up the fight of endeavors. but besides better the quality and accomplishments of staff| ? Militarized direction. merchandises of good quality and high production efficiency? Foxconn low production cost. and competitive| | Disadvantages| ? Welfare is still non hone

? Harmonizing to ain existent design sensible salary inducement system. | ? The Foxconn have a serious state of affairs is unequal distribution of salary system and cut down the staff’s working enthusiasm? Foxconn respect employees for machines. working longer hours. do employees of discontent? Staff stressful? Treating employees inequality. lead to kick excessively much| My view| Through organisational construction of zte and foxconn comparing can be found zte has more advantages than foxconn in the organisational construction. Matrix direction organisational construction in order to beef up the zte between different sectors with information exchange. while the construction besides exist certain restrictions.

Besides. foxconn besides exist certain disadvantages in the endeavor civilization and chief public presentation for employees. Such as a serious state of affairs is unequal distribution of salary system. An enterprise’s organisational construction and civilization on the endurance of endeavors play of import function. although at present foxconn than zte development quick. but in the organisational construction and cultural facets to dawdle behind ZTE. foxconn will optimise organisational construction and strengthen to the endeavor civilization propulsion. otherwise the endeavor will confront a hazard. such as Foxconn employees jump out of the edifice events. |

3.Culture and construction of the relationship and influence

Finger 3 Culture and construction of the relationship

The relationship between organisational civilization and organisational construction is an of import subject that is frequently overlooked. In the zte. organisational construction is built by civilization and civilization is besides altering by the construction. The two can be hard to clearly separate from one another. and even more so to clearly specify within an establishment. Organizational construction works within an organisational civilization. but it is non wholly separate. The two are really much intertwined. In the zte. Organizational civilization is more of a larger image. a more general term that refers to a big umbrella of smaller subjects and issues within an organisation. The construction refers to the substructure. and the assorted methods and patterns within that substructure. that helps an organisational civilization run with the efficiency and consistence that should be the trademark of any healthy organisational construction. whether it is in a corporation. athleticss squad. or any other set up that is big plenty to make its ain organisational civilization.

This makes the construction an built-in portion of any organisational civilization. but besides narrows out a really specific section of the civilization as its ain duty. Organizational construction will cover chiefly with the set up of the civilization. Another common manner to depict how construction works is to state that organisational construction is the manner in which the interconnected groups within and organisation are set up to let them to work swimmingly from a larger point of view. The two chief intents of a successful organisational construction is to guarantee effectual communicating between assorted parts of the company. every bit good as to increase coordination between different sections.

3. 2 Effect on concern public presentationEnterprise good civilization and production construction can better the development of the endeavor. such as ZTE to better employee benefits can increase the staff’s working enthusiasm and employee make to comfortable. good organisational construction can advance each section communicating and teamwork. shorter working hours. so as to advance productiveness. PHS is zte sections joint attempts developed merchandise. The company harmonizing to the Chinese market feature of to fulfill the different customer’s demands. and to run into client demand ensures merchandise quality. but besides for the company to obtain great involvements

4. Individual behaviour at workMany factors impacting people in the work behaviour. there are several factors in the figer.

Finger 4 Individual behaviour at work

Every part has different characteristics. such as the central office of zte is Shenzhen and it a developed economic metropolis. so people by a high grade of instruction and the ability to work in work affect employee behaviour. Besides. Company policy affects employee’s work behaviour. zte leading everyplace for employees consideration. run into their demands. to work out their troubles. do them work in positive attempts to make net incomes for endeavors

5.Different leading manners and effectivityThe right leading manner to enterprise’s development play an of import functionThere are four of the most basic leading manners:

? Autocratic? Bureaucratic? Individualistic

Democratic Leadership Style—The democratic leading manner is besides called the participative manner as it encourages employees to be a portion of the determination devising. The democratic director keeps his or her employees informed about everything that affects their work and portions determination devising and job work outing duties. This manner requires the leader to be a manager who has the concluding say. but gathers information from staff members before doing a determination. ZTE is democratic Leadership Style. “zte” to build a set of internal information communicating system. President of the nomadic phone. telephone is unfastened. the office door on employees besides unimpeded. This leading manner to supply chances for zte employees to develop a high sense of personal growing and occupation satisfaction.

6. The theory and application6. 1Maslow’s Hierarchy of demands

As we know. Maslow separated the five demands into higher and lower orders. Physiological and safety demands are the lower-order demands. Social. regard and self-actualization demands are the higher-order demands. Good direction system run into different employee demands in zte. foremost good wage system satisfy the employee’s stuff demand. Second zte unfastened endeavor civilization makes staff to keep good temper. At the same clip the company of inducement mechanism promotes the staff’s working enthusiasm. besides give employees opportunities of publicity.

6. 2 Victor Vroom’s Expectancy TheoryExpectancy theory is the relationship of single attempt. single public presentation. organisational wagess and personal ends. Peoples besides need achieve end to fulfill their single demands. Before end achieve. it is become an outlook. and this outlook can actuate people’s single attempt. Foxconn’s new employees ever have a high outlook. they want work hard to acquire wagess and achieve their ends. after a piece. these employees found that their attempt can non gain the wagess which they expected. These employees become inactive and have some psychological unwellness ; this state of affairs causes some awful events such as the suicide events in Shenzhen’s mill. However. zte wage more attending to fulfill the employees’ expect. wage system is good illustration. it besides the most basic wages. besides include some encouragement policy for employees. this policy pattern non merely meets the employees in different clip. but besides promote the employees’ positiveness to do the endeavor support endowments

7. DecisionTo sum up. the enterprise organisation construction and civilization has a great influence to enterprise’s develop. ZTE adopts rectangular organisational construction is convenient the relationship of each section. better the work efficiency. Harmonious enterprise civilization publicity the ZTE staff’s work enthusiasm. and perfect wage system and inducement system meets the employee different demands. Besides. the democratic leading manner make ZTE employees express personal advantage. and do them work relaxed and merrily in the work. Zte’s success with these factors have inseparable connexion. it is deserving to larn. Of class. the study besides exist restrictions. the divide of organisation construction should harmonizing to the alteration of endeavor and market to optimise.


On the company construction and civilization:1. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. foxconn. com. cn/2. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. zte. com. cn/3. CCTV24. hypertext transfer protocol: //baike. baidu. com/view/118648. htm5. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. docin. com/p-42145106. hypertext markup language6. Economic newspaper7. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. preparation. com. au/pages/menuitemad58357996edf090f9fa5a1017a62dbc. aspx 8. hypertext transfer protocol: //blog. 163. com/gu-yue-coco/blog/static/133343377201052110276462/ 9. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. essortment. com/all/leadershipstyle_rrnq. htm

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